You will never be alone again with your own Brain Slug!

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I would love to see your completed hats. I am offering to
give 3 month pro memberships to the first 3 who post pictures in the comments section!

Step 1: Brain Slug Party... Join Now!

Tools include

  • Sewing machine
  • free form embroidery foot
  • Scissors for paper and fabric
  • pins
  • needle for hand stitching
  • Knitting needle


  • Green and White polar fleece
  • green, white, black thread
  • Headband, adhesive, metal nuts
  • Strong magnet

Download and print the pattern here:

<p>This is the best Halloween costume because it doesn't require a full outfit.</p>
<p>Sorry I may not have mentioned it effectively but the blank stare is absolutely bang on perfect... plus robocop!!! I sent you another gift!</p>
<p>Your move, creep</p>
<p>Totally awesome! You look the part!</p><p>Don't forget to check your inbox!</p>
<p>I screwed it up somehow but I'm gonna make a new one for my costume</p>
<p>I would like to see it. Post a pic when you are done.</p>
<p>This is soo cool! I'm a beginner (like newborn baby beginner) and I decided to buy a sewing machine after seeing so many of these cool projects. My only confusions stems around the last stitch that makes it look like a Pac-Man ghost. Is this only one stitch or a few? What exactly is a loop stitch? </p>
<p>Just inquiring as to how your make ended up. It has been a while and I got busy. I sincerely hope your slug worked out as planned.</p>
<p>That should have read hand stitch. this is a series of overhand loops to close the opening using a needle and thread. I hope that this helps.</p>
<p>LOVE it!!</p>
<p>Thanks. I still have fun wearing this around the house. Today I actually forgot and went outside before I realized what I was doing... I guess I am one cat away from crazy...</p>
<p>Omg, I love this! So cute!</p>
<p>I'm happy to see that people are liking this!</p>
<p>Cute :D Pattern is awesome!</p>
<p>Thanks. Creating that was almost as much fun as hiding the slug around the house</p>
Super cute. I like that you used the leftover fleece to stuff him.
<p>Thanks! Seemed totally logical...</p>

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