Brain Slug


Introduction: Brain Slug

This one is for all the Futurama Fans. The Brain Slug is made of all recycled materials anyone can make this little guy .He is made out of gumball machine containers and two rock candy sticks for antenna if you like please rate.



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    I like this instructable. BRING ME ANOTHER!

    14, 7:17 AM.jpg

    Even more secure than hair pins and could be easily attached to the underside of the cup shape might be: -Hair clips / barretts -An Aligator clip -A small plastic hair comb (the kind used to hold styles, not make them - you would attach it flat to the bottom of the cup shape then just slide the comb into your hair at an angle and let it sit secure)

    That looks great, I love it! I agree with Kiteman, you could make a full instructable for this.

    I didnt think there were enough steps to make a full instructable for it .

    <ul class="curly"><li>Introduction</li><li>Materials</li><li>Construction</li><li>Painting</li><li>Wearing</li><br/></ul>...Plenty of steps!<br/>

    Nice. Instead of an elastic band, what about using hairpins. That way there will be no visible connection.

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    This is fantastic, quality stuff. "We favour unreasonably huge subsidies to the Brain Slug Planet." L