A brainy junkbot with a downspout body.

Step 1: Parts and Tools:

One round downspout piece (Home Depot, gutter aisle).
One wire strainer (Home Depot, gutter aisle).
Two 1/2" conduit connectors (Home Depot, conduit aisle).
One braided toilet supply line (Home Depot, toilet repair aisle).
Two battery charging clips (hardware stores other than Home Depot).
Two 3/16" axel hat nuts (Home Depot, screw aisle).
Two #10 brass finishing washers (Home Depot, screw aisle).
Four #8 x 1/2" sheet metal screws (Home Depot, screw aisle).
Two #8 x 5/8" machine screws (Home Depot, screw aisle).
Some circuit board scrap that you got by smashing something.
Some foamboard.
If you want your junkbot to hold a sign: a wire stake (Home Depot, sprinkler aisle) and possibly a thin metal shingle (Home Depot, roof aisle).
If your want your junkbot to be painted and have decals: spray paint and decals.

Wire cutter
Dremel with cutting wheel
Phillips screwdriver
Hot glue or metal epoxy
1/8" drill bit for metal
1/4" (or near that size) drill bit for metal
Tin snips (if you want your bot to hold a sign)
<p>I made two more Junkbots. The first one was Professor Tinly which was a gold robot that my daughters adored. So I used my phone to make a voice for him and used it every time they wanted to talk to the robots. It became such a hit that took him and my first robot &quot;Junkbot&quot; everywhere. My last one was Gears, (Originally named 360-One) A black robot with Xbox parts. He's a little more...adult so when I make videos for FB I keep my kids away. But so far my first two have been such a family hit that friends have asked me to make them for other kids. Junkbot and Professor Tinly will both star in two separate books I'm writing. Thank you so much for these ideas, my daughters couldn't be happier with them</p>
<p>These are some fine looking robots! I like the mustache especially.</p>
This was a fun project. My girls love Junkbot
<p>Thanks! That's a fine looking robot. I like his Altoid tin backpack.</p>
My daughters take him everywhere!
This was a fun project. My girls love Junkbot
Very nice, but I'd like to see these looking &quot;aged&quot;, when have you ever seen a nicely-turned out, smart and shiny person holding a peace-sign?<br> <br> L
Really belongs more in play than technology...

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