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One of the most exciting aspects of robotics is that you can somtimes see beautifully intricate behaviours emerging out of relatively simple mechanisms. Don't get me worng, I love overcomplicating my designs as much as the next engineer, but it's still nice to appreciate simple, elegant ideas every once in a while.

This instructable will introduce some of the simplest and most elegant robotics conepts I have ever seen. The concept came from a book called Vehicles : experiments in synthetic psycology by a guy named Valentino Braitenberg, and appropriately, robots based off of this concept have come to be known as braitenberg vehicles.

These braitenberg vehicles can be built using nothing but a pair of motos, a pair of sensors, a battery, and a power opp amp, but they are able to move in ways that seem so biological that braitenberg chose to attribute them to emotions.

"Robots that emote? this is not possilbe" you say, and you're probably right, but I've made a short video to demonstrate the robots and show you what I mean.

This tutorial will explain ho to make the robot in the video above.
what you will need:

- two dc motors with wheels. (best if they are rated to run at around 4.5 volts)
- two light sensitive resistors
- a power op-amp (preferably either an lm272 or one of the copycats)
- assorted resistors (2x 1k, 2x 10k, 2x matching your light sensitive resistors)
- a breadboard + jumper wires
- a nine volt abttery
- a baseplate (I used a book cause I'm fancy)

HLModTech3 months ago

Your explanation is fantastic. Factual and fun to listen to... Not often those can be combined so eloquently. Well done!

stumitch3 years ago
your dialog is like a very cool poem that pulls in a listener... kinda like the robot... :-) HEY maybe that could become a haiku! excellent 'ible!
mike_cc3 years ago
Very nicely made video, I found it engaging and thought provoking. Thank you very much.
justinhabit (author)  mike_cc3 years ago
Thanks, I figured that a video would be the best way to explain how the robot works and why it's interesting. I also just like making videos.