Step 10: replace pad shims

My pad kit came with new pad shims. So I removed the old shims and installed the new.

These shims carry all the braking load from the side of the pad, to the caliper. So make sure to lubricate them with high temperature synthetic disc-brake grease.
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<p>Yes,the above steps are excellent and very useful. I have followed the above steps but when using for 11 days a sound coming out from the wheel when i use my brakes and also i have shown to a <a href="http://euroautomotive.net/why-euro-automotive-repair.html" rel="nofollow">car detail shop</a> and they fixed the problem but same thing again occurs after 17 days.what i will do???</p>
<p>Also, why don't you try removing the cap off the master cylinder brake reservoir to remove the pressure in the piston instead of using brute force working against yourself.<br><br>Also, it is necessary to check your brake fluid level after performing jobs like these.</p>
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<p>I think the one car repair everyone should learn how to do is putting in new brake pads. That way you have the option to fix them if you want. You can still go into the auto shop for help, but at least you know how to fix the brakes if that isn't an option. <a href="http://www.autotorque.net.au/services " rel="nofollow">http://www.autotorque.net.au/services </a></p>
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