Step 14: Install Retaining Spring Clips

Reinstall the retaining spring clips, to keep the retaining pins from falling out! :)

  • withdraw top pin temporarily
  • thread top pin through second clip (the "M" shaped one)
  • install first clip (vertical one) into pins
  • clip one side of the "M" through the hole in one brake pad
  • clip the other side of the "M" through the hole in the other brake pad
<p>Thanks for another<br>one of your great ideas</p>
<p>Yes,the above steps are excellent and very useful. I have followed the above steps but when using for 11 days a sound coming out from the wheel when i use my brakes and also i have shown to a <a href="http://euroautomotive.net/why-euro-automotive-repair.html" rel="nofollow">car detail shop</a> and they fixed the problem but same thing again occurs after 17 days.what i will do???</p>
<p>Also, why don't you try removing the cap off the master cylinder brake reservoir to remove the pressure in the piston instead of using brute force working against yourself.<br><br>Also, it is necessary to check your brake fluid level after performing jobs like these.</p>
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<p>i need mine changed, i may get under the car this weekend</p>
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