Braking activated Rear Bike light

Picture of Braking activated Rear Bike light
I got bored and decided to liberate my old dynamo light,
so I gutted it, and wired the bulb to 3 AAA batteries and lead 2 leads out the side of the light casing,

I then ran the wires to either side of the disc caliper, for the arm that WOULDN'T be moving i used a bit of metal which the cable tensioner... tensioned and on the arm that moved i just taped some tin foil to the end (same for end of other arm also)

and veola! a craply made light (does work and is kind of rain proof as havn't had any problems yet)

slight warning, if you do attempt this i had to make little washers out of the tape as i didnt have rubber ones, as it makes the whole brake live
uzzytech9 months ago
how does it activate when i hit brake ? can you please put more images or source or email me at uzzytech@ i really love this one!!!
i was thinking about making one of these but i made a turn signal head and tail light in one
feeblington (author)  knexinventer1 year ago
how did you manage that - since this i've improved it with small cut sheets of conductive metal
the setup is inside of two project boxes with three switches between them

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