Okay, I'll admit it. I am a big fan of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones, the HBO series. I have been burning through those books (like many of you have) and people are giving me strange looks when I accidentally slip into medieval parlance. 
But I also love leather clothes. It all started with a pair of indestructible leather lederhosen that had been passed to me from four older brothers. They were the best play clothes ever. They had been green at one time but by the time I got them they had become stiff with watermelon juice (and worse), dirt and pine sap.

Unfortunately, I'm not a cut-throat biker type, I'm an RN with a sewing machine, so I can't walk around with leather pants... or can I? No, I can't... But my kids can!

So the obvious solution is to combine the two: Game of Thrones apparel and childhood leather. Time for some fun with a $3 thrift store leather jacket.

Step 1:


1. A deconstructed leather jacket. I'm using a bit of collar (optional) a strip off the pocket area and only one sleeve. Keep the rest of the leather, you'll use it and it will keep until you do: it's leather.

2.  A belt. If you have the option, just buy a jacket with a belt. The uglier the jacket, the more useable bits it will have on it, I find. But any leather belt will do.

You don't need a sewing machine necessarily but I did. Laces work too.

Measure your model and then draw draw draw. This is not a complicated garment. Measure the arm length, shoulder width and the arm circumference.
What a brilliant idea! My brother's wife is pregnant with my first niece or nephew, and I can't wait for it to be born and grow up a bit so I can make things like this for him/her! My brother is a huge fan of the books (and made all my other brothers fans as well).
Fun. I wish my nephews were more interested in Bran Stark and less in Wolverine!
Ha. Well, they have a lot in common: both like to wear leather, both have extra senses, both their backs have been broken, both have visions about their identity crises and both end up living in caves periodically. But Bran is clearly better: no anger issues. <br>Hodor,<br>DDC
This is too cool. I can't wait til my little 'biter is old enough for this sort of thing. I'll have to add this to the list of things I already want to make him and hope he doesn't decide he'd rather be a firefighter or something.
A tip to get even more leather out of your thrift store find--shop the LADIES section. For some reason full length leather coats--think a trench style--cost LESS than the basic biker wanna-be jackets in either the mens or womens section--the last full length one I got was $1.50 on half price label day at the Sal Army. Plenty of leather to make myself a pair of chaps if I ever get around to it--and plenty left over. <br> <br>Belts--belts are a dime a dozen and don't need to come off of the product you are modding. In fact most of the belts I see ON garments--if they are still there!--are far inferior to the ones I get in a bin or hanging on some out of the way rack. For kids stuff--and where they are easily replaced--this is not a huge issue but for other uses look for real leather ones with GOOD hardware--if the hardware is trash the leather will be also I have found. Name brand belts are usually much better made and worth the possible 50 cents more. And once you have a &quot;stash&quot; of 'em you WILL find a million uses for 'em! <br> <br>And thanks for reminding me--I ran OUT of Song of Ice and Fire books!!!!! Will some one just chain that pesky author fella to a chair already and MAKE him write FASTER!!!!!
That is sooo cool. I would love to make something like this for my son or daughter. <br>I got hooked on the HBO series and am now reading the first book. I have made wooden toy swords for years and would love to make a &quot;claw&quot; instructable.
Nice! I must ask though, did you make the sword? And if so, how did you do it? I spend a lot of time trying to come up with nice looking, durable swords that don't hurt, and I still haven't quite found the perfect &quot;recipe&quot;.
So. Rad.
The child has blond hair , He is clearly a Lannister! But nice work on the Instructable! <br>
Spawn of treason and incest, I know. But he's such a sweet kid I just can't put him to the sword. Thanks Gunther!
That looks awesome! Great design!

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