Introduction: Branches Crown (Deer Horns)

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Hello, deer. Oh, Dear!

Now, here is my experiment.

Step 1: You Need

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Step 2: Cut the Branches

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Cut the branches with knife,

(about 15 cm, make it 12 pcs)

(about 10 cm, make it 3-5 pcs).

Step 3: Make It Ring

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We'll make two rings. One ring made of six cut branches.
Tie the branches with the string. Make it circle. Do this for the another one.

Step 4: Heap!

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Heap the two rings. Gap it with the 10 cm branches. Tie it again.

Step 5: DONE

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Actually, now you're done your work. But, if you want to get more artistic, you can tie the full branches at it. Now, it seems like a deer horns.
Add ribbons at the left-right side to help it fit in your head.

Step 6: Finish

Thanks for look my works.

Hope you'll make it better.

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Deweesadam (author)2016-05-07


balsuryana (author)Deweesadam2016-05-07

thank you

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