Introduction: Brand New to Vintage Needle Voltmeter

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Hi everyone !

Today's Instructables will show u how to turn a brand new voltmeter to a vintage look one.

U'll need:

- The voltmeter u wanna give the look

- Satin black paint

- Golden wood varnish

- Old screws

- Tape, scalpel, screwdriver, metal saw

- 3mm yellow LED (optional)

Step 1: Teardown the Beast

Picture of Teardown the Beast

There r only 4 screws to remove. The red ones on the shell, and the green ones on the needle stopper/artwork holder. U must be careful to don't lose the screws, in my case I let em on a magnet.

Step 2: The Rolling Stones - PAINT IT BLACK

Picture of The Rolling Stones - PAINT IT BLACK

Tape the shell where we have a look on the needle. Cut the excess with the scalpel. Then paint it in satin black.

Step 3: Aeging the Artwork

Picture of Aeging the Artwork

Put some wood varnish on, then swipe and tap it with a piece of clothe.

Step 4: Backlight (Optional)

Picture of Backlight (Optional)

Just drill 2 holes wherever you can and put yellow or orange LED in.

Step 5: Add Old Screws On

Picture of Add Old Screws On

Take screws and cut their head, then use hot glue to put heads on the shell''s screw to hide em.

Step 6: Finished Product

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Eric Brouwer (author)2016-10-07


wrsexton (author)2016-10-01

Very cool! And clever too! Well done.

gm280 (author)2016-10-01

I have to say you did that very well. I usually try to make old ones look new. But you did a neat job with your project. Thumbs Up.

vinz3nt (author)2016-10-01

Great prop for an escape room

Phildem (author)2016-10-01

Awesome work, contragulations!

AurélienD6 (author)Phildem2016-10-01


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-01

These would make awesome elements in a mad scientist lab.

it will be for a vintage "deluxe" style power supply

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