Brand New to Vintage Needle Voltmeter





Introduction: Brand New to Vintage Needle Voltmeter

Hi everyone !

Today's Instructables will show u how to turn a brand new voltmeter to a vintage look one.

U'll need:

- The voltmeter u wanna give the look

- Satin black paint

- Golden wood varnish

- Old screws

- Tape, scalpel, screwdriver, metal saw

- 3mm yellow LED (optional)

Step 1: Teardown the Beast

There r only 4 screws to remove. The red ones on the shell, and the green ones on the needle stopper/artwork holder. U must be careful to don't lose the screws, in my case I let em on a magnet.

Step 2: The Rolling Stones - PAINT IT BLACK

Tape the shell where we have a look on the needle. Cut the excess with the scalpel. Then paint it in satin black.

Step 3: Aeging the Artwork

Put some wood varnish on, then swipe and tap it with a piece of clothe.

Step 4: Backlight (Optional)

Just drill 2 holes wherever you can and put yellow or orange LED in.

Step 5: Add Old Screws On

Take screws and cut their head, then use hot glue to put heads on the shell''s screw to hide em.

Step 6: Finished Product



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    Very cool! And clever too! Well done.

    I have to say you did that very well. I usually try to make old ones look new. But you did a neat job with your project. Thumbs Up.

    Great prop for an escape room

    Awesome work, contragulations!

    it will be for a vintage "deluxe" style power supply