This is a slideshow of a gun i made, that is vary unique, it serves as brass knuckels and as a gun! 
It is made from a old stapler i picked up at a garage sale for $1 USD. It has a single shot gun like reload,( maby a clip coming ), and a staple leaver firing action.

Dear god man, with the barrel issue.. 'got to hold it..'<br>Do it like a Boss..<br>make a Double shot gun style Break..<br>http://girlsguidetoguns.com/files/2010/12/2-doubless.jpg<br>doesnt have to be on top either it could be like a clip on the side..<br><br>i could draw an example if u like..
plz post how to make
More of my youtube :D http://www.youtube.com/user/SliceAndDiceStudio?feature=mhee
it looks dangerous!
maby if it hits ur eye, it prity weak, mainly just for looks
What does it shoot?
nail like bullets,
Sweet! Does it hurt!?
not mutch, but its fun :D
cool! I'm glad you built it! Hope to see an update soon.
Hmm! Nice!
thx :D
Your welcome! Are you going to paint it??
nahh, i like the rust :D
ok cool any way!
This doesn't come under airsoft.
it uses a airsoft barrel
Cool now you shall kill zombies.

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