Picture of Brass Steampunk Pouch How-To
Recently I uploaded just a few photos of  this pouch with out instructions, but after some work, I've been able to explain it in better detail.

I've been into steampunk for a few years now and it has pushed me to try out different skills such as leather working and metalsmithing. I wanted to add a more steampunk look to my outfit and I did not have a good pouch at the time, so I endeavored to make one. I had a very limited knowledge of metal working when I made this, and while making it, I did not take the best photos for a step by step, so bare with me, some of my images are photoshopped.

So, in this instructable, I'll try to tell you how to make a metal pouch you can wear on your belt and hold a few essentials.

A sheet of 20 gauge brass. It needs to be at least 20x20 inches. (if you would like to use a thicker or thinner gauge, that is fine as well)

Contact cement

Paint thinner (about 2 cups)

Rubbing alcohol

At least 10 leather rivets for the leather and the lock. More if you choose to rivet the metal together.

A 10x10 sheet of leather. It needs to be a thick sort use for tooling leather, the pouch is heavy and thinner leather or fabric might not hold it.

Leather dye, in whatever color you'd like.

Leather sealer

A small metal tube at least 6 inches long. The thickness will depend on how big you make your hinge

2 brass round head nails. These need to fit snuggly into your metal tube.

I used this turn lock from Tandy leather, but with tweaking, you cold use any locking clasp you'd like (http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/product/turn-lock-bag-clasps-1307-504.aspx)

(Optional) Poster board, tape, and a pencil, for making a paper mock up before cutting into metal (Highly recommended)

Clear spray paint. Glossy or matte will depend on your preference.

A ruler.

Masking or painters tape

Jewelers saw and blades for cutting metal details

I used a jump shear to cut my metal, which was available to me, but this is obviously not a normal household piece of equipment. You'll need a way to cut out your large pieces. A jewelers saw will work, but it is slower.

A sheet metal bender. Once again, this is not something I would think a normal household would have. I would think you could use a vice and a hammer to bend the metal. You will need to bend some pieces at a 90 degree angle.

Pliers, preferably those without teeth, as they might scratch the metal.

If you have an anvil, that's awesome, but a flat piece of granite will also work, or even a sturdy table. This is for setting rivets and bending metal.

A drill press or a hand held drill.

Drill bits made to drill metal.

A center punch, to mark your holes you will drill, which prevents the drill bit from 'walking'. A nail and hammer can be used instead of this. This just punches a tiny dent where you want your hole to be drilled and holds the drill bit in place while drilling.

Metal files, to fine tune your metal after cutting it with your jewelers saw and to file down burs from the drill.

Sand paper and polishing tools.

Leather cutting supplies, a box knife will work fine.

Leather rivet setting tools

Scraps of wood, this will go under the metal as you drill holes into it. I think I used a 2x4 and a few 1x4s.

Safety tools
Safety goggles

Leather gloves

Painters face mask (don't breathe in the metal dust while sawing)

Please be safe when making this. The metal can be sharp, and there are a number of sharp tools that you could hurt yourself with. If you have access to machinery like the drills, jump shear, or metal bender, please do not use them unless you feel safe doing so. It's always a good idea to have someone with you to help as well. Even the tiny jewelers blade can cut you if you are not careful.
kate.pickeral7 months ago

Awesome !

CieFenrir10 months ago

Honestly, I'd buy this.

Wonderful! I was very surprised as I realised that it is real brass! Great job, because that's not so easy to do. I like the ornaments and the lock.
Again: Just wonderful!!
Delireus (author)  thechocolatist2 years ago
Thanks a lot! I was fortunate to have great tools in a metalsmithing workshop at my disposal, which made everything a lot easier than if I was to make this in my own garage!
Winged Fist2 years ago
Great job on the update! And now hopefully this work of art is getting the recognition it deserves;-)
Delireus (author)  Winged Fist2 years ago
Thanks a lot :)
wow. this is magnificent! i love this, i will have to take some time to do this. i am also currently working on a steam-punk dream catcher. i would give away some furniture or artwork for this.
Delireus (author)  Anime and The Beatles2 years ago
Thank you for the kind words! Unfortunately I'll probably never sell it or give it away, I'm just too attached to it, but I hope you can use my directions and make something even better!
That's cool! And you have great directions :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
Delireus (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks a lot! sometimes I think I explain too much, but I remember how much trouble I had with it and I want to be as concise as possible.