Let's make a bra! I love making my own lingerie, and this is a fun and semi-supportive bra that is super customizable. I made mine out of stretch lace and t-shirt scraps, but you can make it out of anything stretchy that you want!

Step 1: Whatchu Need

You, Bra Creator, need these things:
A sewing machine
Stretchy fabric (jersey, lycra, spandex, even some looser weave cut on the bias will work)
An old bra (optional but extremely helpful)
Elastic (I used picot edged underwear elastic but anything narrow will work, really.)
<p>2thumbsup nice idea, rarely seen people hack a bra and you did it. :)</p>
<p>Considering design and texture of fabrics it would be better to design the straps with a lacy material with fabric at the top and bottom to form a hem instead of the cloth material you chose. I say that from a look stand point but whether or not it would wear comfortably i don't know as i don't wear bras :) All i all it was a simple but great tutorial showing of your sewing skills and talent for money saving ideas! 2 thumbs</p>
These look great! I've been wanting to try making my own undies, I'll have to give your tutorial a try. You can actually buy hook and eye strips for just a couple of bucks, then you won't have to cut up an old bra. <br> <br>Thanks for the tutorial!
I was drawn to the skull but couldn't see it in the finished pics until I lightened in paintshop..looks very nice
...kinda creepy
That's absolutely awesome - they look great! Might need to give this a go. :D
Thank you! I totally loved your fuzzy ear Instructable. By the way. &lt;3 <br>

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