Step 2: Materials

Very simple parts list:

- One trollop doll
- One block of wood
- A couple of nuts and bolts, to make it a stand
- A handful of knives (just reach into the knife bucket and grab whatever you can)
- Some random tools (drill, hot glue gun, staple gun)

Impaled hooker doll says what

<p>you could have repaint her smug face with a horrified look ^^</p>
<p>your violent and need mentle help and people stop Encouraging it this is like a planed murder only distur</p>
The premise of step 6 makes this instructable not only inappropriate, but also concerning. Disturbing.
<p>He said if you couldn't handle it dont read. SOMEBODY didn't listen. :)</p>
I laughed when he said reach into the knife bucket and grab whatever you can LOL!
I think the caption for the first picture is a Silence of the Lambs reference.
I hate Bratz! Awesome idea!
2 things 1 u have a sews army knif like myn 2. doll mutalation swwwet
long island serial killer mystery solved...
you are SOOOOOO right about these abominations... The worst I saw were a bratz fortune teller that looked like an actress from a porn movie and Bratz babies with full face makeup: If a mother ACTUALLY put heavy makeup on her baby,child protective services would take the baby away from her! And I have two things to add... More knives and make them bigger.
Most definitely the only worthwhile use for a Bratz doll. Thumbs up.
This is the funniest thing i have seen this month.
WHY! WHY is this in the survival section!
Now THAT is messed up
hhahahah i just put up an instructable with effed up dolls and yours came up next to it as a suggestion! this is great. :D my husband started cracking up when i played the video clips haha
That&rsquo;s... That&rsquo;s just disturbing
Bahaha!! hooker doll... lol
Great Instructable! This is an acceptable alternative if one lacks access to Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga or Lindsey Lohan.
creepy... but nice idea.
i think you are CRAZY!
why is this in the survival section anyway! GOD! i bet you ****k your mothers a********* what? why'd i get bleeped, i just said drink your mother's applejuice (sorry, i just love smosh! you should check the ask charlie episodes, that's where i got it =P)
... no comment
sick, very sick!
Thou hast had a most troubling childhood?
First, let me say, this is horribly disturbing.&nbsp; You are SICK, SICK, SICK and if I had your address, I would send you a get well card.&nbsp; Next, let me say, I&nbsp;DO agree with you about the Bratz dolls.&nbsp;&nbsp; I have worked at several toy stores and my husband and I both agree that these dolls look like mini-hookers and send out terrible lessons to children on how to dress/how women should dress.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Also agree that children these days are horrible little beasts who really need to be told NO alot&nbsp;more often.
What is this rated!!!!!!!
Dude the second i saw that second pic i started cracking up, 5 stars man!
That is weard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? <em><strong>ARE YOU REALATED TO ANY FREANDS OF MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</strong></em>THAT IS OUSOME<em><strong></strong></em><br/>
Ha Ha I love it!
I'm a Mom of two daughters. The eldest went through a Barbie phase and the younger one wanted Brats. I love your knife block. After the older one was done with Barbie she asked for one last Barbie cake but with a twist. First we hacked off her long legs because I always had to make too many layers to hide her abnormally long legs. The younger one was a bit upset when we did that one. We also washed her hair for the famous "this Barbie got wet" look. Their hair doesn't do too well after kids try to wash it. Now for our last escapade. My youngest daughter is 13 and for this past Halloween she was her own creation. She was the World's best Baby Sitter. We got part of the idea from one of the Addams Family movies when their daughter comes down the stairs and says she IS dressed up for Halloween. When asked what she is dressed up as she replies, "I'm a homocidal maniac, they look just like everyone else." So my teen dressed cute and would go to the door and say she wanted baby sitting jobs and even had real cards printed for this. Then she'd say,"I'm real good at keeping kids quiet" and from behind her back she would produce a large Barbie head (from a make up / hair-do big Barbie that we'd hacked the head off of and painted red around the wound). She held the doll by the hair and we'd put duct tape over her mouth. We all thought it was great, but.....it is odd; she hasn't gotten any baby sitting calls, but we don't have that many little ones around here anyway!
the Halloween story reminds me of mine. (WAVEY WAVEY WAVEY WAVEY) I was going for a Death costume and my awesome mom made It look scary as hell. I am not kidding I looked like a Ring Wraith, topped off with the plastic Scythe. So I walked up to this old ladys house and when she opened the door, she stopped dead in her tracks and stood there breathing abnormally loudly, then I told her I was just some kid. I laughed so hard when I came home I almost lost my breath. LOL
I can make a guess why! (oh and tetra, great instructable!)
You mean you don't have that many little ones around there ANYMORE!
you should look at the barbie electric chair
That ... is ... awesome.
Brilliant, simply Brilliant! I have to let my daughter read this for next year. I think the Addams Family is a good influence and a great place to get parenting advice.:-)
Awesome. I never liked those dolls.
A barbie doll mixed with a prostitute, what is wrong with this? My cousin plays with bratz dolls. Honestly, they just need a caring adult to tear them out of their hands and throw them away.
La verdad esta muy chido y creo que si lo hacen con barbies pues tambien estaria padre
you need to work on word orders. you said "The truth is very chido and I think if they do then it would be barbies with father"
He just said it perfectly the thing is that u dont know how to speak spanish.
but my english stinks jojojo
what tries to say is that it´s cool ad creepy
mmm... I believe that this correct one what I wrote. plus i speak spanish. OH! it can do with a voodoo doll or the photo of somebody as mmm... osama bin laden
Uhh ... si.

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