Brazilian Flag Nail Art Tutorial





Introduction: Brazilian Flag Nail Art Tutorial

Show your Brazilian spirit on your nails!

Materials you'll need:

Green nail polish - I used CND Green Scene
Yellow nail polish - I used American Apparel Manila
White nail polish - I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On!
Blue nail polish - I used ALDO Sea You in Ibiza
Clear topcoat - I used Seche Vite
scotch tape
nail art brush
flat, stiff-bristled brush

The steps:

1. Paint your nails with the green polish and let them dry.

2. Place 4 pieces of scotch tape on the nail to create a diamond shape in the middle.

3. With your yellow polish, paint the diamond shape created by the tape.

4. Next, take your blue polish and draw a circle in the center of the diamond.

5. Across the blue circle, use your white polish to create a banner. Also with the white, make tiny dots on the bottom part of the blue circle below the banner. (refer to an image of the Brazilian flag to see general placement)

6. With your green, paint the words of the motto across the banner. (or, as I did, squiggles since the type is so small- and I screwed up and used blue- the picture I had was wrong :-/)

7. Add a layer of your clear topcoat and let it dry! Clean up any remaining paint from your cuticles using the acetone and your flat, stiff-bristled brush.

8. Admire how grandioso your Brazilian flag nails are! :)


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Very beatiful!

Nice touch put only one star above the white band "Ordem e Progresso". It's very rare to see a non-brazilian* doing this :D.

*Even for brazilians it's a difficult flag: the position of the stars represent the mirrored image of South America sky night, something like "God" seeing Brazil with the stars between us. (but we can put the stars in random positions in non-official flags)

Why is a nice touch the "lonely star"?
Each star represents one State of the Federation, the "lonely star" above the white band is the Federal District, where Brasilia is located, which is the capital of the country.