Introduction: Brazilian Fruits Mobile With Quilling Paper ;)

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Hi everyone!! :)

Hope you're fine and ready to release your immagination!

Step 1: Paper Is Important ;)

Picture of Paper Is Important ;)

First of all: find a nice paper to quilling :) I choose those metallic ones:

Step 2: Fruits Are Important Too

Picture of Fruits Are Important Too

You have to find/search a fruit that can be used as a base to glue the paper.

I found those in the University I study, it's from a tree called Jacarand√°-mimoso (Jacaranda mimosifolia, D. Don)

Step 3: Seeing Better the Fruit

Picture of Seeing Better the Fruit

Inside the fruit you can see the winged seeds :)

You have to leave it on the sun to totally open and release the seeds, so now you can finish open the fruit with the tool that you wish.

Step 4: Finally, Making It Together

Picture of Finally, Making It Together

As you can see in many instructables here, now you have to roll the paper and make the formats you want, please, if you don't understand how I make it, search for "quilling paper" here and find a better explanation :)

I leave it in the sun to dry :D

Step 5: Just Another Flower

Picture of Just Another Flower

I just made it as the previous and pick a piece of fabric to tie and glue it in the other side of the fruit.

Step 6: If You Wanna See Two Examples of Butterflies...

Picture of If You Wanna See Two Examples of Butterflies...

... I did it in other half of a fruit and again, going to the frame for the mobile

Step 7: Making the Frame

Picture of Making the Frame

I used one hashi (japanese cutlery), tie, clip paper, super bonder and immagination *lol*

I also used a piece of a pen to finish the mobile!


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