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Hi guys!

This is the slideshow for my Magpul PDR (breach loading version)(obviously). I had multiple reasons for building this. First off, my grandpa gave me a ton of size 107 rubber bands, and I needed something to show him how I am using them. Second of all, other peoples PDRs were never good enough for me, not because they were not "good enough", but because they were not what I wanted. (no offense at all to any of the following people):

Do you think I should post?

dr. richtofen's PDR:  did not shoot, and had no bump on the top (like in the original gun).
KnexGurl' s PDR: was too big, used up to many pieces, was totally to epic for me, and had no 'ible.
TheDunkis's PDR: did not look quite right, and firing pin went out the butt-stock.
AUG-5OM3's PDR: did not have bump on top, and again firing pin went out the butt-stock.

Now, I am not saying mine is totally better, but mine is a different option to theirs.

TheDunkis: For most of body and handles.
dr. richtofen: For mag.
Senior Waffleman: For breach loading mechanism...I think. The mech is from his gun Adamant:

Now it's time for Pro(s) and Con(s):

Looks great
Looks pretty close to the real gun
Range is normal (for me): (20-30 ft. at max)
Feels great
Works great, almost never gets jammed
Red dot sight looks good on the gun
Mag locks in to position
Correct size

Only gets 20-30 ft.
Of course nobody is gonna rate it five stars

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TheDunkis (author)2012-10-12

I actually really like this. I'm glad people decided to take my PDR and improve it. It's disappointing that this isn't a repeating weapon, but it's more practical to fire and still looks great! After taking measurements, I realized the stock isn't big enough on mine (and hence everyone else's who used mine as a base). It needs to be slightly longer and a little taller, at least four connectors tall instead of three and a white rod, though a little taller still would be better. Still, it overall looks like the closest one yet. I especially like the handle to stock connection, that was always the trickiest part, hence why I settled on a sturdy, less realistic one.

Thanks man! Yeah, this gun looks fine, but I am not quite happy with it still. Yours is still epic though.

Do you think I should post?

Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-12-08

hmmm i love the gun but i like 100 ft :P thats why im working on a breach loading sniper :D

Sounds boss. Yeah, I'm not sure if the range on this was actually that bad.

ARGH! Why didn't I take off that stupid red dot sight!?!?

Vaetheon (author)2012-10-12


Thanks bro, sub?

Just because you asked :)

Are you kidding me!?! XD

Just because I, I must really suck at K'NEX...XD

Not at all your actually a lot better than most people lol

Oh, wow. You are the first person to EVER tell me that. Thanks man!

You're welcome

You seem social to me...? O.o

I'm not the best with words even though i could look them up on the internet but, idk.

TheAwesomestDude (author)2012-10-11

This is awesome man!!! gongrats!!! use a black rod for the ramrod, it will increase range.

Thanks man! Ah...the black rods are just as long as the grey rods...XD

i know, but they are made out of a different material and are therefore heavier increasing range

i don't think their heavier, nor are they made of a different material. they're a similar material, but have fibers running across their length, which makes them much stronger, straighter, more durable and less bendy, but not heavier. the point is, they don't make a gun stronger. not because they're heavier anyway. they are however, much more durable and much less bendy, and for that reason they're good on guns that need a reinforced ram, but we use them all the time for pins just because they're on some level better, and i for one, have a lot of them.

Well, mine are heavier, and made of different material...XD No, seriously.

sorry i read that on some forum topic awhile back ago, i think bartboy posted it. dont quote me on that though, its been a while

Alright, will do.

ok, just tryin to help out

shadowninja31 (author)2012-10-11

I think this looks quite nice. Good Job

Thanks man, could you grace me with a sub?

Possibly... :)

LOL, thanks man!

Thanks man! Could you grace me with a sub?

knex monster (author)2012-10-14

wow that is the best breach loading gun i ever seen you should post it

Alright...U are one of the first people to ask me to do so...XD

JonnyBGood (author)2012-10-13

Great gun! Your bad range is still something I'm still trying to reach. I've gotten up to the 25 to 30 range.

Thanks man! Well, the range has been getting worse lately, but I technically don't think that 20-30 ft. is "bad"... it is just not "amazing." Would you mind subbing me...?

Not at all

FlyingFish10 (author)2012-10-11

Post! This looks great!

Thanks man! Mind subbing me...?

AUG-5OM3 (author)2012-10-11

Looks cool but I don't like pressure fitting pieces. It really ruins them.

Thanks man! Pressure fitting pieces? What do you mean?

Look at the lowest row of the stock. The tabs are a little bent because they normally wouldn't fit that way, and if you do that to pieces too much they will get loose its really annoying when you add a connector to a rod and it keeps spinning around. It will also make the pieces break more easily when you e.g. add too much bands.

Well, instead of having an orange connecter and two green rods, just use a blue rod, this relives the tension.

I guess he means photo 7 (the bottom yellow-green connection part, as you can see, the tabs bend a bit, which loossens them)

Agreed. That is easily changeable.

dr. richtofen (author)2012-10-11

It looks great! I like the breach mechanism. Maybe the range could be improved by putten two green or yellow connectors on the blue rod below the red connector of the pin (in cocked position, so that the pin is straight horizontal wise). Oh, and the ''video game position'' is called first person view ;)
I give it 4,5 stars, it looks good, it shoots, but the range is meh-ish. (range be improved as stated above, but you could also try a looser band on the bullet lock)

Thanks mike! Well, the breach mech was not all my idea, but I'm glad you like at leas one of my guns! : ) Well, the range is something that is always a problem with me, but this gun is deadly at the above said range (20-30 ft.). And if you turn the gun at a 45 degree angle, it practically doubles the range, but I don't ever include that in my Pros. YES! First person view was what I was looking for, but I could not remember what it was called, I'll go and change that. Thanks for the 4.5*! I was hoping you would give me something good!

No problem! THis is IMO your best gun to date!

Thanks man! Do you have any gun ideas to collaborate on?

Hmm, maybe an ACR/magpul masada. I built one a few weeks ago, but I was not totally happy with it, so I broke it. I now have Knexgunbuilders P90 v2 (non shooting, hollowed out the front op, and gave it a removable mag)

Hmm, a Magpul Masada...Well, it is not a gun that is made for looks, but I am totally willing to collaborate with you to make one, it would be good for my image if I did so. : ) I could probable help you make it shoot, if you want me too...Now, I don't want to seem like I'm pushing it, but I would like to help an epic K'NEXer like you! See:

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