Bread Crumbs/fish Scotch Egg





Introduction: Bread Crumbs/fish Scotch Egg

This scotch egg will make a good snack for a great picnic this Easter.

Step 1: Ingredients

You need:
-boiled fish
-ground bread crumbs
-delicious spices
-salt to taste
-vegetable oil to deep fry

Step 2: How It's Done

~How It's Done ~

-Boil fish with spices, for flavour. Wben cooked, pick out all the bones from the fish and mash the fish to bits. If you desire, add grated carrots. I did.
- Boil eggs till they are hard boiled. When they are done, remove and put in cold water to cool. After that, peel them off and put aside.

Step 3: Next Step

- Beat 2 to 3 raw eggs and pour into mashed fish. Make sure it's not too dry so it falls off easily. Infact, the 'stickier' the better. Add salt to taste.
- Get a peeled egg, and wrap the mashed fish around it. I added grated carrots in it, so it became yellowish.
- Hold the wrapped egg in the fold of your palm and sprinkle the bread crumbs all over the it while moulding it into an oval smooth shape.
-Get a handful of flour and sprinkle on the egg again. keep in tray

Step 4: Last Step and Voilà!

- After embalming your eggs into desired thickness and size, deep fry them in vegetable oil.
- Et Voilà!
Now, savour your scotch eggs otherwise known as savoury eggs... well, you can Google search other names for this delicious snack.

Bonne appetit !



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    I've already tried it it is poopoo literally :)

    You probably used the wrong spices, and the wrong manners. :)

    I hope you tried it and it was worth the try. Make it more often. C'est tres delicieux! To spice it up, in the place of fish, you could use minced meat. Enjoy!
    Thanks for your comment.

    Wao! I feel like making it right away. I'll try it within the week

    My warm encouragements. Here in Cameroon, we eat it with chilli sauce and it is sumptuous, but you'll need a glass of milk to run the temperature down :-)

    i pooped in the toilet and at] it

    Sorry dear that your bowels couldn't digest this delight. Hope to make more gut-friendly food in future tutorials. Merci pour ton commentaire.