Tape Cutter


Introduction: Tape Cutter

I hate it when you have to peel the tape off its roll and spend five minutes finding where it starts. I also don't like the huge tape holder and cutter, so I decided to make my own. I wanted it to be small, portable, cuts tape, holds on to the end so you know where the tape starts, and made out of everyday things. So here it is. The tape cutter and holder.

Step 1: Items Needed

All you need for this step is:
A bread tab/tag

Step 2: Jagged Edges

Cut the end on the bread tab/tag (the side that is flat and has the expiration date) so that there are points sticking out. The points don't have to be very small. I made mine pretty big.

Step 3: Optional Triangle for Long Bread Tab/tags

For the longer bread tab/tags, it's kinda hard to take the tape off after cutting it, so cut a triangle starting from the strangely shaped hole and cut out a long isosceles triangle. That way you and poke your finger through to get the tape to pop off.

Step 4: How to Use

1. Put the cutter side at the end of how long you want your piece to be.
2. Put your thumb about 2 cm away from the cutter part and press down. (Why? So that a little of the tape sticks out and you won't have a hard time getting it back up.
3. Using your other hand, push the bread tab/ tag up and - there you go! You just cut tape using a bread tab/tag!



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    Sorry wasn't not was Jon chalk

    Haha- saves so much more space! Awesome pencil bag! I like how the zipper is the teeth.

    No need for a bulky tape dispenser in my travel bag anymore!

    2014-04-29 14.06.11.jpg

    Yeah, when I thought of it, I was surprised there was an instructable on it so I was thinking ,"Why not? I'll the the first to share the idea!"

    Very handy. It is one of those "why have I not thought of this before" ideas.


    Pretty clever.