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This bread will make you strong*. Lots of people find that flour, particularly wheat flour, does not bring out the best in them. While life might be dull unless we eat carb filled bread to exploding point every now and then, flour from wheat (and many other high carb grains) can leave us sluggish, tired and more hungry.... But avoiding all bread is a major bummer, how could anyone deny themselves the joys of the mighty sandwich? The solution: the bread of power!

This bread contains lots of goodies that you might not consider typically 'bready'. Fear not! This will give you all that sandwiching potential and not take away from your healthy aliveness. It is dairy free, gluten free, wheat free and vegetarian (but not vegan, sorry). Why the bread of power? It is high protein and has lots of good things like Omega 3 in it, plus it doesn't take too long to make, and it tastes yum -yehhaaaa!
*Well, it might, it certainly should not make you weak, unless you have a nut allergy!

Step 1: Ingredients

For one loaf you will need:

Foody things
  • 5 eggs (big organic, free range ones are best)
  • 70g (2.5oz) of walnuts 
  • 70-90g (2.5-3.5oz) of seeds
  • One courgette / zucchini (medium size)
  • salt and/or handful of salty peanuts
  • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
  • Optional secret seasoning

You can probably use whatever combo of seeds and nuts you like, but we haven't tried them all, so as always experimentation is in order!

Try replacing zucchini with carrot and/or apple for a sweeter version or mashed up pulses (butter beans, chickpeas etc) for even more protein and a slightly different texture. 
You could add fresh herbs or cheese, there is vast potential for food jazzing here...

  • Two bowls, one to whisk egg whites in, one to mix the other ingredients
  • A tool or method to grind walnuts and seeds into a flour-like crumb (no Bongo, we're not using the pillar drill again!)
  • A bread tin or tins (this quantity needs a large, 1lb/450 gram loaf tin or two smaller ones)
  • Baking paper to line tins
  • Whisk
  • Spoon, knife
  • Grater
  • Scales or willingness to guesstimate
  • An oven (will want preheating to gas mark 5, 180C, 350F)
<p>I have made this lots, using it as a bread substitute, great recipe to play about with, creating different flavours. thanks for posting was worried about doing without bread.</p>
Awesome. That's good to hear! :)
Is there a recipe without nuts?
<p>I was really excited to make this, but encountered an issue that I'm hoping someone can help me with. I made it with the ingredients described (with pecan meal instead of walnuts). I baked it for 20 minutes at 350F, then another 15 at 325F because it was still very wobbly (&quot;souffl&eacute;ness&quot; was a word I saw used). It was still very wet (toothpick test), so I baked it another 20 minutes at 350F.</p><p>It still seemed like it wasn't done, but I've never done a souffl&eacute; and thought I would let it cool based on the comment that it firms up after a while. Mine did not, and seems very eggy. :(</p><p>The two questions I have are: <br>1) How does one check whether a flour-less bread like this one is done? I've made flour based breads at 360F for 55 minutes before that turned out well. <br>2) I'm currently refrigerating it but have concerns about throwing it back in the oven to try and finish it off. I see one user re-ovened it with success, but was wondering how likely it is to turn it into a brick, or loaf-shaped bacteria colony.</p><p>In any case, thanks very much for the recipe as well as for the helpful comments from others!</p>
<p>Man this looks so good!</p>
<p>Does this bread taste eggy?</p>
Not is a typical eggy-bread kind of way. Try it.
Great recipe but the title is even better!! Thanks for sharing with us :) Mary
great recipe!
Lovely! I'll have a go of this goodness tomorrow! Just looks so great! Is there a good subsitute for peanuts? They are a bit rich in the &quot;carbs&quot; department. <br> <br>
Sure. Try using any kind of nut... I had always though to peanuts as almost carbohydrate free, but looking at the back of my peanut butter jar, I see it is just&nbsp;<em>proportionally&nbsp;</em>low in carbs - there is more than 2 times as much protein and even more fat. I cant get enough of the stuff!&nbsp;<br> For interest per 100g: - Protein 28g, Carbohydrate 13g (of which Sugar 4g), Fat 51g, fibre 7g, sodium trace. &nbsp;(no added sugar, unsalted peanut butter, yummm). &nbsp;
Hey - I made this last weekend. It was an excellent recipe, though a bit different. <br> <br>I used six eggs instead of 5 as mine were store-bought eggs and not as large as the fresh ones I see normally. I also used two smallish apples instead of the zuchinni. <br> <br>I baked one large loaf at 350 deg F for 15 minutes or so and then at 300 deg F for nearly thirty minutes. I liken it to cooking a brownie mix. Good taste, especially improved by spreading honey on it and eating. <br> <br>Thanks for posting this recipte. I'll be cooking this again in the future.
If you find your egg whites collapsing when folding in, try adding 1/4 tsp or less of Xanthan gum to them as you start mixing. Add slowly using a sieve as it binds to water instantly and thus can clump easily. Once added you couldn't collapse your egg whites if you tried.<br>
ohh that looks mighty good!
Ive GOT to do this!
I tried your loaf as is and was happy, but my husband was not. I told him I would experiment more and so far this is what I've tried. Since I don't use salt, I think this may have contributed to the overall flavor for him. <br> <br>I used carrot with fresh OJ &amp; fresh apple juice and used about a cup of my homemade almond flour (left over from another instructable favorite - Almond Milk). These did not turn out sweet or even delicious. As I ate one all I could think of were raisins. :( <br> <br>Currently, I've taken the remainder of both loaves (yes, baked) and mixed them with more nuts/seeds, more of the almond flour and some water and will rebake with a bit of local honey &amp; agave syrup to kick up the sweetness level a bit. I'll add eggs later. . . <br> <br>In addition, I've added some yeast and will let it sit for a while to see what happens. Maybe I won't need more eggs! Oh, the thoughts I think! I will let you know how it all turns out! <br> <br>Yippee for the Bread of Power - Not Flour!
Okay, added hulled hemp seeds, flax seeds and pecan flour [NOTE: pecan and almond flours are made solely of nuts!] and this DID rise, but was too wet after I added a couple more eggs. So I added about one cup of bread flour and kneaded well. Boo hooo! <br> <br>Had to wait about an hour for it to rise, but final loaf was dense, heavy and moister than regular bread. I could eat this every day! Absolutely Delicious!
One more thing. I hate overfried egg yolks. Any 'brown' on my fried egg and I send it back and can't eat eggs for weeks! The original leftovers were quite incorporated into the batter and substituted for any carrot/zucchini so egg concerns were not the issue. <br> <br>As for the honey and avaga syrup: I only used about one teaspoon of each and it was plenty! I wouldn't encourage more. It just took the edge off. As I mentioned, I truly liked the original. It's to get my husband to eat it! <br> <br>Can't wait for more of your recipes! When I told friends that I made bread without flour they immediately asked for the recipe &amp; I provided the link kso I bet you'll get lots of followers! <br> <br>Thanks again for this recipe! Truly wonderful and creatively delicious!
Thanks Semilove! More coming soon. In the meantime have you seen the Emergency Breakfast Cakes?
Sounds like you are doing some fine experimenting. Though I would be weary about re-ovening stuff, burnt egg is yuk, and obviously, depending on the time periods involved, you have to be a bit careful with the re-heating encouraging bacteria.<br><br>Let us know how the yeast affects things...<br><br>Your second one sounds more like a cake of power! You are obviously keen on sweetness - I have made it in the past using grated carrot, instead of zucchini, and it was quite sweet for my tastes. But then I guess sweetness is in the buds of the devourer. <br><br>I wonder what the OJ did to the egg airiness? I imagine it doing wacky jazz? <br>Thanks,<br>B.
YES! It was more like a cake and not bread! I needed to add more than just the almond flour to the second one. Lesson learned!
Lovely loaf this. Very odd texture when warm, almost like a savoury souffl&eacute;, but don't let that put you off. Deliciously nutty, and as it cools it gets firmer and more bread like. I made two little loaves in ramekins as I had some mixture left over, they took 20 minutes to cook. I left the main loaf in the oven for an extra ten minutes at 140 Celcisus. I whacked in some goji berries into mine, which gave it an added extra. I'm going to make it again, with some fresh chillies next week.
Hooray, successful experimentation! Yes, the bread changes quite quickly from souffleness to breadiness when it cools. Goji berries are a nice idea, and chillies, hmmm, I think my next power loaf will have to be an ultra hot one...
one word, awesome
Haha, that is AWESOME! Can't wait to try it out! Heh, I was reading the first page of it thinking 'I can see why Samanth &amp; Bongo like this, it sounds like something Samantha herself would write' and then I eventually thought 'hmm, maybe she did write it...*checks*... no way!' amazing! Love it! Should you ever write a cookbook, I will be your biggest fan! I remember those recipes you left me and mother on the computer when you went to Uni. which included instructions like 'cook until done', which at the time i didn't find very helpful, now i consider such instructions very handy really! But still, your recipe writing has come on a long way since then! Marvellous work! :) Carb detox sounds good - we totally need one of those at the moment, we were ill and o-deed on carbs and my bloaty bloaty stomach is yet to recover... bad carbs, bad... as a gluten-free girl it gets an extra thumbs up from me too :D keep up the good work! xx
Yes! A Paleo friendly "bread" recipe!
love the idea!!! a nutty breadlike bread, and love the sandwiching potential!!! lol
Hmm sandwiches, *munch munch*. Thanks!
Sounds like it would be good for someone with a wheat allergy.
Yep, should be good for that. Absolutely. And not dry like a lot of the packet ones, made from 'alternative' flours can be :-)
Definitely unique! I have to admit I havent seen a bread recipe without flour. :)

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