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Using breadboards I soon faced the problem of the multimeter probes too thick to be plugged in the breadboard holes for a stable and handless contact.
I had the idea to modify my multimeter in order it to be much easier to connect to the breadboard

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
the material needed for this project is
A multimeter: In my case a DT830B
(I choose a cheap one because I preferred not to endanger of destruction an expensive device)

Female dupont connector Jumper wire for standard 0.1" breakaway headers.

Soldering wire

Maybe a little of hot glue

The Tools needed are a
soldering iron
screw driver
maybe a drill and hot-glue gun
Lucif3r9451 year ago

Nice idea. Ive been facing the same problem and been thinking on an easy way to fix it... I shouldve looked here before wasting my braincells :p Time to dig out some suitable wires!

tbarot1 year ago
Thnx for sharing. Not only is it useful for breadboard but also for checking resistors n caps directly as shown in the pic.
imperiusPT1 year ago

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

dmwatkins1 year ago
Awesome idea!!!
You2131 year ago
great idea thanks i did this in like 15 min
deviker1 year ago

Simple, great and cheap. I already modified one, thanks.

ASCAS1 year ago

Genius! Thanks for sharing that brilliant idea!

KingKefir1 year ago

Awesome.Thank you for that idea

Great idea