I wanted to breadboard a project but the nest of wires from this control panel were out of control.  This tutorial shows how I was able to organize the mess and make breadboarding much quicker work.

This would work great too if you have certain components you experiment with on a regular basis you can put them permanently in a control panel and then patch them from your breadboard.

Step 1: Organize Your Wires

First thing I did was to organize the rat's nest of wires onto my breadboard.  This is where you can plan which wires you want next to each other for convenient access on your breadboard.  I simply grouped components and placed the speaker, volume pot, and power on one end of the row.
<p>Nice, this give me some idea to make my own control panel</p>
Why not stick the breadboard to the top of the control panel? <br> <br>You could then go one step further, and peel away a little of the double stick tape on the back to expose the metal strips, and perhaps attach wires directly to that.

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