Break Away Paracord Lanyard with side release buckle and swivel snap clasp (4 Color)

Picture of Break Away Paracord Lanyard with side release buckle and swivel snap clasp (4 Color)
I wanted to make a lanyard to show my team colors while at work in uniform. I put together several braids and techniques that I had learned here at insructables but with some twists that I prefer.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Pictured Top across going down
ScrapGutted (Flatline) Paracord
Mini Needle Nose Pliers
Side release buckle
Bobby pin
Breakaway connector
Swivel Snap Hook
Key Ring
And of course the Paracord in the colors you would like

Step 2: Gutting the paracord

Picture of Gutting the paracord
For the first part of the project I cut 2 pieces of each color approximately 4 feet 6 inches of the 2 main colors that I wanted to use.

I then gutted the paracord  to make it flat. To gut the cord and make flat, you need to pull out the inner strands, the longer the paracord  the more work it is to pull out.

To prevent fraying you want to fuse the ends with either a hot knife, or my preference a lighter, just be careful because the ends will be hot and could potentially burn you. (I how ever do mold the ends carefully to make them neat/clean depending on the project.)

**NOTE:If you do not intend to use a breakaway connector, you will not need 2 of each, just 1 of each and double the length I used or longer**

**NOTE:It will depend on your preference to gut it or not, I just found it to be narrower and to me looked a little better for this project.**

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