Step 4: Finishing touches

I screwed up one side of my mold and as a result had extra work to do after the bottles came out. I discovered I could carve and scrape off extra resin to get a round bottle look. And boy did it make a difference. So if you have excess resin be sure to scrape it off carefully. Too much pressure and the bottle will just crack on you.

My original idea was to make "Bustmeister - King of Bustin' Heads" labels and six pack but decided with regards to cost and time constraints to just glue on real labels. I did buy a pack of 20+ vintage Budweiser labels. They look kinda generic and give it a cool novelty feel.

I also used a set of new labels i removed from a new Budweiser bottle.

To remove labels from a bottle usually just letting them soak in water for a bit and carefully peeling them off will do the trick.

To glue them back on I used 3M Super 77 sprayable adhesive.

Well there you have it, start a new tradition for New Years, instead of shooting corks, break a bottle over someones head!

Just be sure to let them know before hand. They break super easily but a surprise hit hurts more. The resin crumples into microscopic pieces so I don't recommend using them on carpet and don't litter parks/nature with it.

After you are done with them, you can reuse them. However I'm not entirely certain about the Super 77adhesive, if it's ok to cook that.

I have extra resin, labels, and dye for sale and I will cut up a silicone mold I didn't use if you want a sample of it. I can also make bottles if you don't want to make your own.

Well this is my submission for the 2nd laser contest. And as before If I win I plan to make free laser cuttings available to all members in the Instructables Laser contest group.


Can this be made so that it's clear or green? I'd love to switch it up with vodka and wine bottles/glasses. And can you fill them with liquid, or is it too unstable? A smash&splash would look great onstage...
cowstick6 years ago
Sounds like a Metal Gear dilemma in here.
gateon cowstick5 years ago
?lol?what do you mean by that?or am i just missing something?
cowstick gateon5 years ago
The liquid and solid talk. Also was playing a lot of MGS4 that month.
SnakeEyes7 years ago
Or, you could just swirl a dime or a sharp rock around inside an empty bottle for a few minutes. The sharp edges will score the glass enough that it breaks easily and (generally) harmlessly. For serious, we break them over our heads all the time. Just don't get it in your eyes!