Breakaway Stunt Furniture

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Every now and then, when one is getting angry at another geek about the syntax of a C++ code, he doesn't want to pull out his laser diode and burn him, he wants to hurl a chair or table at him.

Okay, so that's an exaggerated scenario, but a lot of times in the amateur filmmaking, people need to crash into stuff and destroy it. Fortunately, the crew uses breakaway items to simulate this. Unfortunately, you can't walk down to the furniture outlet and pick a few up. And the ones that you can buy are more expensive than the chair itself. But there is another way around this problem, and that is to follow the DIY ethic and build your own.
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Step 1: Design

That's right, pick up your pencil and think of a way to make it look real yet not too painless for the character. Start with a simple furnishing and draw a few lines to symbolize the breaking points.

Step 2: Table of Contents

There are three main pieces that we are making and puting it all together in the end. These are:

The legs (step 4)
The seat (step 5, 6 ,7)
The back (step 8)

Then we cut it up, and glue the cuts together, and give it a spiffy paint job.

Step 3: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
To build this stunt chair, we will need

- Mailing Tubes (2) These will be cut in half to make the legs.
- A boatload of cardboard
- Epoxy or hot glue
- Spray adhesive
- Paint

- Hacksaw
- Heavy duty shears
- Exacto knife
- Hot glue gun

Step 4: Make the Legs

Picture of Make the Legs
We start by cutting the two tubes clean in half down the tube. Accuracy is important in this step so that the two halves are even. Then we cut them to the height we want them to be whether it be a bar stool or an ottoman. This step is tricky but my saw worked pretty well. Just keep the line straight and it will not come back to haunt you later in the process.
beth13223 years ago
Very nice, I know a few theater peeps who will be interested in this!
How long did it take to do all that??
M4industries (author)  thesoccergod3 years ago
Roughly 2 hours including drying time.
Nice chair. Out of curiosity, how did you decide to destroy it?
M4industries (author)  parrotheadfl4 years ago
I faked an altercation. I got "Punched" and crashed through it! I was going to rebuild it with hot glue like youre supposed to, but the pieces got soaked the next day before I had a chance to glue it back together.
D.L.H.4 years ago
Good job it is a good ible.
M4industries (author)  D.L.H.4 years ago
Thanks! This has been up for a few weeks and still hasnt got many views like some others. Please vote for me in the contest.
berky934 years ago
thats pretty cool. I'd love to see a video of you using one off those. (the home made ones, not the professional ones)
DIYmaker964 years ago
This is awesome! Just what I need!
M4industries (author) 4 years ago
Thank you! I spent a few undivided hours in the Florida humidity on this project.
Warlrosity4 years ago

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