Picture of Breakfast Bacon Balls
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All you favorite breakfast foods rolled into one... with bacon.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Picture of Things You Will Need
1 Package of thick sliced bacon ( I used turkey bacon)
6 Links breakfast sausage
3 Eggs
2 Hash brown patties
1 Muffin pan
1 cup of shredded cheese ( I used a Pepper jack/Havarti Blend)
Maple Syrup (optional)
billbillt1 year ago


juuli1 year ago
'turkey bacon' is not bacon...i love turkey as a substitute but not for my beloved bacon
crapsoup (author)  juuli1 year ago

Well, Good For you!!! You know what, you have inspired me to change my ways. I'm going to delete all my instuctables that have turkey bacon in them just for you. That's just how special you are (insert sarcasm here.)

digitjim2 years ago
After reading this instruct. I went and made this for my Girlfriend, now I have to make all the breakfast for us.
Switched the shredded pepper jack cheese for taco blended cheese. and used apple wood smoked bacon, you just cant go wrong with apple wood.
WE LOVE the our BACON..
adriana16162 years ago
I made some and they are really really great!!!!!!! You are a genieus
crapsoup (author)  adriana16162 years ago
Hey thanks,That's what I keep telling everyone!!!!
rawrjamjam2 years ago
crapsoup (author)  rawrjamjam2 years ago
Sorry, I'm all out. But my business associate, danny6114, might have a couple you can buy. You can find him a little lower on this comment section.
My daughter and I make it a point to cook breakfast together every Saturday or Sunday. Our last adventure was making banana crepes with amped-up bisquick. (Topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a drizzle of strawberry syrup!). I'll definitely be making this the upcoming weekend's treat!
crapsoup (author)  DesignerUserName2 years ago
Sounds fun. If your in to the breakfast thing, you should check out my Hawaiian Banana French Toast.It's quick and easy, and melts in your mouth. I also made an Extremely Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich if you really want to go crazy with it!! Hope you and your daughter have fun!!!
Did these this morning and they were great! I think the turkey bacon was a good idea, it worked well. THANKS!!!
crapsoup (author)  thecastironchef2 years ago
No...Thank you!!!
Bought the ingredients today and will be having them for breakfast in the morning. Can't wait! ...and photos too...
Wolver2 years ago
I head home from Afghanistan in about two weeks...I know what is being made for breakfast my first weekend home!
maka2 years ago
Wow, I think my dinner plans just changed. I've got bulk breakfast sausage and frozen loose hashbrowns instead of the patties, but I believe those modifications (and maybe another one or two...) will only enhance. :^)
crapsoup (author)  maka2 years ago
Well upgrades are always a plus, you should comment again to tell me what ideas you have came up with. Thanks
maka crapsoup2 years ago
Okay, so I followed your instructions except:
1) I added some heavy cream when I whisked the eggs.
2) I browned some bulk (turkey) breakfast sausage with the frozen hashbrowns. I added some onion, garlic, jalapeño, red bell pepper tossed in about halfway through the browning time.

Topped the first dollop of egg mixture with some of that and then proceeded with your recipe to finish.

Delicious! Everybody wanted more. Thanks, these were fun to make and eat!
crapsoup (author)  maka2 years ago
spicy southwestern style, I like it. thanks for the feed back. i will have to try that out sometime soon. maybe think of adding some chorizo if your into that.
ajlovie2 years ago
now that is an inspirational idea! fantastic.
Rich992 years ago
i'm droolin' over here!
crapsoup (author)  Rich992 years ago
you should get a medic!!!
wow, these look absolutely phenomenal. And i definitely would know. I am a professional food connoisseur: I have been eating since the day i was born.
crapsoup (author)  captain Jack2 years ago
A professional food connoisseur you say? that's awesome. You also got some mad bragging rights for eating your whole life, i know how you fell.I don't mean to try and out do you or anything, but I have been eating for about 9 months before i was born.
LucifeL2 years ago
I would make this on the day i would be sure that it will be the my last day on earth... :D
crapsoup (author)  LucifeL2 years ago
Well i can't be for certain, but i think that day is two weeks from next Friday.
sorry to be the barer of bad news, but at least you can enjoy some bacon balls before you go.(Warning: any predictions of the future may be entirely inaccurate). Enjoy
maka crapsoup2 years ago
Comment WIN.
danny61142 years ago
Does this recipe make an entire muffin tin full? Sorry if I missed it in your instructions but I was busy swabbing up the drool.
crapsoup (author)  danny61142 years ago
no, a regular package of bacon makes about 4 or 5 balls, depending on the amount of bacon strips there are in the pack. using smaller strips will take up more bacon as well. but if you use the same size i did, it should only be 2 strips per ball
I guess I'll have to double this recipe then, 4 or 5 lil nuggets of nirvana are just not enough. Especially if I am to share any. Thanks!
crapsoup (author)  danny61142 years ago
Sharing? sounds dangerous. It might be a little like when a drug dealer gives out the first batch of junk for free to get people hooked. Soon you will have people hitting you up, scratching nervously, wanting to know if you have any more.
Bacon crack.jpg
Heh heh heh, yeah man, I'm gonna be needin' a twenty for that, shit ain't free dude!
Mersix2 years ago
And my doctor just told me to stay away from animal products. ARGGGH!
This will work beautifully with veggie bacon as well!
crapsoup (author)  rrepass jr.2 years ago
if that's the case, you might also like my Broccoli & Cauliflower Cheddar Cheese Bacon Balls. They are a little more veggie friendly.
crapsoup (author)  Mersix2 years ago
Doctors...what jerks!!
Pattty2 years ago
Oh my... I have to try this one!
This looks great! I know what I'm making this weekend. Thanks
achilles2 years ago
I have eaten this 4 times since it was posted! What have you done to me? I think I'm in a cycle of perpetual heart attacks and bacon!

Thank You!!
crapsoup (author)  achilles2 years ago
Well, I am hear to unleash culinary evil onto the world. Someday I hope to become the main cause for obesity and heart attacks in Americas.
How hot do you set the oven?
crapsoup (author)  Survival chef2 years ago
oops... I set it to 400 degrees. Sorry about that.
rocklocker2 years ago
Can somebody explain to me what part of the turkey is the bacon part.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I want these in my mouth NOW
crapsoup (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago
My balls seem to have that effect on people. Thanks for the input, I will be adding a few different bacon ball recipes in the near future, so if you like these, keep an eye out for my new ones.
onrust2 years ago
I should know better than to look at your food BEFORE breakfast! Looks great man.
crapsoup (author)  onrust2 years ago
I know what you mean. It seems that all my good ideas are also really fat ones!
I'm going to gain 20 pounds just trying to make a cool Inscrutables page.