Step 5: Mixing

First you want to chop up all of your cilantro and then add it into the bowl with everything else. Then start mixing it all together till everything is spread out pretty evenly.

Also now is the time that you want to heat up and cook all of your tortillas and make a nice big stack to bring over to your mixed ingredients.

You guys should have about half of what you see in the pictures.
<p>Did I legit just post that THREE TIMES?! Me... </p>
<p>Don't sound bad! </p>
<p>Don't sound bad! </p>
<p>Don't sound bad! </p>
I made these, this morning. I made a few changes, ok I made several changes. I used frozen hash browns, which probably took longer than if I had used fresh potatoes... but that is what I had. My meat was half breakfast sausage and half taco flavored venison. Next time will be venison only. I did not use any of the seasonings. I also added about 11/2 cup Picante Sauce.<br> I had Fajita style tortillas, a little smaller than the burrito ones. They were EXTRA THIN also. <br>Once my mixture was done I weighed out 3 equal portions of filling. Each made 10 nice sized burritos. <br> A HINT for the EXTRA THIN tortillas. Heat a pan (I use cast iron) I spritzed a small amount of Pam in the pan. Once it was heated I put one tortilla in the pan and heated it for a little bit on each side.<br>Years ago, I learned that heating them helped toughen them so they do not tear. Too much heat will make them brittle.<br> I divide one, of the three, containers at a time into small, equal sized containers. Actually, I am a perfectionist, I weighed them to be sure they were equal amounts.. (this time 114 grams each. Grams are more accurate) As I took one tortilla out of the pan, I put on a dinner plate, and also put the next tortilla in the pan. I emptied one of the containers onto the center of the tortilla and shaped it into a rectangle, then rolled the tortilla, put it on a tray to cool. Then I turned the next tortilla, in the pan, over for a couple of seconds. And started over. After 10 were rolled, I placed them in fold top plastic sandwich bags, starting with the cooler ones first. My kitchen is cleaned, except for the stove top, and I am sitting down... my back is killing me.... lot of work for a 65 yr old. My husband and I , each, had one for lunch. Very good!
Ficou uma delicia! parab&eacute;ns!
Food is what I wanted to be looking at today, thanks.<br> <sub>However, breakfast burritos always remind me of Beavis and Butthead...</sub><br> <br> L
Makes me hungry! Thanks for sharing.

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