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Introduction: Breakfast Cupcakes

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Okay, I don't really like breakfast unless it's fun.  I guess it all started as a kid, going out to eat for breakfast and brunch, the only thing I would order was a mickey mouse pancake.  Now, I only like to eat breakfast "staples" if they are jazzed up.  Alas, the breakfast cupcake!  I made this up after tasting the breakfast burger at Carl's Jr.  I freakin love the taste of that thing.  

What I did - Pam the Pan, in a separate bowl, mix the eggs up until they are scrambled +salt and pepper *I used 6 eggs*, yields 6 Breakfast Cupcakes.  Then I cut up 2 string cheese sticks.  I partially cooked 6 strips of bacon in the microwave, blotted them, then cut them in pieces to fit in the cups of the pan.  If any of the cups needed more egg, I just poured it in, out from the bowl.  And if you accidentally put too much, just immerse a spoon and re-distribute the egg.  :)  325 degrees for 20 minutes (or when tops are golden)!  Then let cool, and pipe with ketchup.  Or your choice garnish!



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    Hi there. I just had to throw my two cents in....I thought your instructable was great. It was clear, concise, and I loved the pictures. :o) You did a great job! I don't see how anyone could be confused or not know what was needed, unless maybe they've never cooked either a cupcake or breakfast before.

    ketchup? Ketchup?!? I thought that was raspberry topping in that first picture. haha! I don't know which is weirder. :)

    I thought your instructable was fine as is. It's pretty simple, and it looks tasty.

    I love the cupcakes, I have been thinking of tryng them with some maple syrup added in too, do you think they would bake ok that way?

    can i say that everything goes? its still a step-by-step instructables that anybody can follow. easy peasy..

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    hahaha! My wife says easy peasy all the time. Even if it isn't! But this recipe really is!

    just out of curiosity - what justifies something as a perfect candidate for a photo instructable? less steps? easy to do? - more involved = instructable? (that's the angle I was coming from). I figured that this is pretty self-explanatory so I went with the photo-type. What's your take? I tried to read up on the different ways but there were no pros or cons. :)

    Photo instructables are a great vehicle for posting projects that you did not fully document, projects that couldn't become a step-by-step instructable for lack of photos of each step. Generally, step-by-step instructables are easier to follow, more likely to win contests (besides the photo instructable contests), and more likely to be included in an ebook.

    Even simple projects can become step-by-step instructables. "How to Kiss", for example. Or "The Perfect Sandwich". The added value of a step-by-step is that it takes a simple recipe and makes it even easier for a neophyte baker to follow with pictures.

    ohhhh, so, as long as i've documented it, it's better to be a full-blown instructable? i thought that pics were for things un-documented, or really easy to follow. but i guess i need to keep in mind, that it may be too difficult for some. :) (not you) haha :)

    but thank you for that clarification! i will just stick to instructables then! :D

    Sorry if my comment came cross wrong. Fortunately yours and wilgubeast conversation pretty much covered everything. And you are right, the original concept for the photo/slideshow undocumented step instructables. But as of late users are treating it as a flicker account and or not even putting in the effort of a decent explanation/summary. (just an "Oooo look what I made.')
    Mind you I don't have much room to talk considering I have yet to post an instructable myself.

    or...just the fact that even the simplest things can be turned into an instructable. i thought that someone would get upset at something so minute, would be officially broken up into steps. i wasn't sure about the protocol or etiquette behind them! :)

    These sound really tasty but I found the description and recipe hard to follow. I've got some tips on how to make it a bit easier if you don't mind hearing me out.

    Start with a short description if you like but then do a list of ingredients and even equipment so that people can make sure they have everything they need to make them. (Or be like me and think they have what they need and find out halfway they don't >.<)

    Secondly have the steps written out one by one. If you want to be more ambitious you can even have each step with the accompanying photo but for these I don't really think it would be too necessary

    Anyways hopefully these tips will help as these look great and the pictures are really nice as well.