Step 3: Glue Colour Paper on to the Tubes

• Pick a colour paper and cut it to a size big enough to cover around the tube
• Using glue stick the colour paper around the tube taking care to avoid wrinkles
• Allow it to dry for few minutes
• Using the skewer poke the colour paper on the holes made in the previous step
• Repeat the above steps on other 2 tubes [Make sure you have poked the paper on the chimney hole as well]
• Pick the tube which has the chimney hole
• Cut 2 strips of size 10 x 150 mm from the colour paper [pick a contrast colour]
• Paste the strips around the tube as shown in the picture
<p>Nice!! Good little project to do with my grandson!!!</p>
Nice, it's so bright and cheerful. I like how you used household scrap, you even found a use for those tea light candle pins.

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