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Love a good cooked breakfast? Hate all the preparation and mess? This recipe is for you. Make six meals in one pan in 20 minutes and breakfast like a king for the rest of the week.

Step 1: Ingredients

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For each breakfast frittata, you need the following ingredients. And a large stainless steel fry pan.

4 slices of bacon
1 onion
2 sausages
1 large roasted potato
12 eggs
1/2 cup grated cheese

In practice, I rarely have just the right amount of potato leftovers so I roast enough potatoes for 3 batches and freeze 2/3 of them. I do this by cutting 3 large potatoes into small cubes, then put them in a bread bag with canola oil and salt, and shake them around until well coated. Put on a silicone baking sheet and roast until just turning brown (~20 minutes at 400 F). Remove, cool, and divide into 3 parts. I use one part right away, and freeze the other two lots in bread bags along with 2 chopped-up sausages. That way my prep time is reduced for the next two times I cook my breakfast. I also freeze (separately) the bacon and leftover sausages between 6-day preps.

Here's what you'll have to buy and how often:

Every 6 days: 12 eggs
Every 18 days: 1 pack (12 slices) bacon
Every 36 days: 1 pack of 12 sausages, 6 onions, 6 large (or 12 medium or 24 small) potatoes, block of cheese

How much you pay for this is going to depend mostly on the price of your eggs - the price differential between cage eggs and free-range is pretty huge.

Step 2: Cook

Turn the broiler on.

Cut the bacon up into small pieces and fry at medium-high heat.* Once they've released enough fat, dump in the chopped onion and fry until golden. Add the two (pre-cooked) chopped sausages and potato cubes, and mix. Pour in 12 fork-whisked and salt-and-peppered eggs, and scramble the mixture until it has barely set (a little runny on top is OK). Sprinkle the cheese on and put the pan under the broiler and leave for 3-4 minutes until the top just starts to brown. Remove and leave to cool for a couple of hours. Or if you have hungry hordes to feed, serve hot. Total preparation and cooking time is about 20 minutes.

* In the video, I put the element on then faffed around setting up my phone on a magnetic tripod that I stuck to the underside of the extractor hood. By the time I'd done that and had all the ingredients ready, the pan was thermonuclear and you can see me hustling with the wooden spoon to try to stop the bacon sticking. Normally, I'd turn the element on and put the bacon in straightaway, and no hustling is required.

Step 3: Divide and Freeze

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Slice the cooled frittata into 6 wedges and wrap in cling film. Put one in the fridge for tomorrow morning's breakfast, and the other five in the freezer. Each morning, take the slice in the fridge and microwave for ~1 minute. Move one of the other slices to the fridge to thaw (I don't recommend microwaving from frozen - too hard to get it evenly heated).

Each slice contains:

2 eggs | 1/6 onion | 2/3 slice bacon | 1/3 sausage | 1/6 cup grated cheese | 1/6 large potato

It's a nice compromise between flavor and healthiness. The sausage & bacon & cheese are are all high in fat, but they're there only in modest amounts and they pack a huge punch when it comes to deliciousness. Here's the nutritional breakdown for each slice (carbs/fat/protein/sugar in g, sodium in mg):

Probably not the best choice if you're on a diet, but I eat >3000 calories a day and I much prefer this to the kilogram of cooked oatmeal I used to have for breakfast.

There are of course a ton of variants. Swap bacon and sausage for tomato and mushroom and you have an awesome vegetarian option. Anytime you have suitable leftovers, throw them in too.

Some things to avoid: capsicum (pepper) is soggy and tasteless (so much better fresh and crunchy). Raw grated potato - I tried this after reading a Jamie Oliver recipe, but it was disastrously sticky.

I serve my cooked breakfast with toast and coffee. Total prep time each morning for everything is less than 5 minutes.


warriorethos2 (author)2016-02-21

makendo, this is a good receipt that I could enjoy especially if I swap the meats and vegetables around to get a bigger variety. I could also swap the toast to raisin toast to add some variety there as well. I like your suggestion on use one and take one out to thaw so it can be reheated easier the next morning. I do that with my breakfast sandwiches that I buy. Your instructions, pictures, and short video are easy to follow and clear to see. Good job on your instructable and good luck in the Meal Prep Contest.

makendo (author)warriorethos22016-02-21

Thanks. Yeah, it pretty much works with anything you throw in. I'm a creature of habit so have optimized this to my taste then stopped changing it. The bacon:sausage:potato ratio is the only thing that changes much, and I always put mushrooms in if we have them.

warriorethos2 (author)makendo2016-02-21

I wrote receipt in stead of recipe but your ingredients are good. Good luck.

markstutzman (author)2016-02-10

I do something similar, but prefer not to cook the eggs ahead of time, so I make a big batch of the "filling" (potatoes, onions, mushrooms, meat, etc) and then for single-serving size, use a 6-inch cast-iron skillet. In goes a cup or so of the filling, followed by 2 beaten eggs, topped with some grated cheese, and finished in the toaster oven on broil. The filling will keep for a week in the fridge.

makendo (author)markstutzman2016-02-10

good idea

lakelandlocksmith (author)2016-02-10


farraha (author)2016-02-09

The recipe is so easy!

Klaus Heissler (author)2016-02-09

In Germany we call this "Bauernfrühstück" (farmer's breakfast), but we use more potatoes and much less eggs (4 - 5) and make it without cheese.For seasoning fits a litte bit marjoram and fresh finely chopped chive good to.However, this variant also looks really tasty, I will try it soon.

makendo (author)Klaus Heissler2016-02-09

Bauernfrühstück sounds great. The ratios really don't matter. I often add chives to the eggs, too, but at this time of the year our chives are looking pretty sad. Haven't tried marjoram, will give it a shot.

oscardelben (author)2016-02-09

Look so yummy. I'm gonna try this out with my family since we all love eggs for breakfast. And the instructions are simple.

makendo (author)oscardelben2016-02-09

Enjoy. Yep, super easy.

iangerson (author)2016-02-08

This looks great. I am going to give this a try this week. I always seem to run out of time in the morning for cooking and end up with a bowl of cereal. This would be a much better way to start the day. Thanks!!!!

makendo (author)iangerson2016-02-08

Thanks. I've done it for about 6 months straight now and I still finish it thinking "that was a freaking great breakfast"

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