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My son in law has to be at work at 5 am and normally packs a breakfast and a  lunch because he does not eat breakfast before he goes to work. When I visit them I pack his breakfast and lunch, it is my way of letting him know how much I appreciate him. This recipe is a good recipe to make for a single serving pie. It is a way to use up small portions of left over vegetables. I always make extra servings when I cook, so I can make one or two servings into a different meal for the following day. Follow through and I will show you how to make a very good breakfast pie. 

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
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When I make gravy, meat, or saute' or cube vegetables; I make extra to put in a pie shell or a casserole the next day. I will cook everything and remove  a couple of cups of hash-browns and vegetables when they are partially cooked, so I can put them in a one pot dish the next day and finish cooking them.  This saves a lot of time in preparing meals and there is less clean up.

One of the small cardboard pie containers will hold 1 level cup of vegetables. I combine what vegetables I have on hand to make about 1 1/4 cups of filling, (vegetables, cheese, scrambled egg, bacon, gravy).

1 - 2 Baking potato's
Pie dough
Onions (Saute')
Peppers (Saute')
Mushrooms ( Saute')
Tomatoes uncooked
Bacon Cooked 
Scramble egg
I save what few store bought pie containers I have  to make homemade pot pies. 

Step 2: Prepare Ingredients

Picture of Prepare Ingredients
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Cut up all the vegetables.
Put 2 Tablespoons of flour in a jar and season to taste and shake well. Allow broth or milk to set out a while to warm up and then add 1 cup to the flour mixture and shake until no lumps are showing.

I normally use canned milk for gravy because we don't use enough milk to buy fresh.
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MARCIANN1 year ago
The pie looks soooo scrumpcious (spelling?). You should consider building a business with your breakfast pies. I would sure buy them!!
sunshiine (author)  MARCIANN1 year ago
Sold! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Have a great day!
onrust1 year ago
Now that's a good idea!
sunshiine (author)  onrust1 year ago
Thanks it was tasty! I have missed seeing you around but then I haven't been around much either.
streetrod51 year ago
That looks amazing - I'd like two, please, I'll pick them up tomorrow at 8:30am!
sunshiine (author)  streetrod51 year ago
You are on! thanks for stopping by and commenting and do have a splendorous day!