Picture of Breakfast Pizza
Breakfast pizza is a pizza with breakfast toppings
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
• shredded hash browns • bacon • breakfast sausage • biscuit dough • shredded cheese

Step 2: Brown Sausage

Picture of Brown Sausage
Fully cook sausage on a stovetop pan. Slice, place in bowl

Step 3: Hash Browns

Picture of Hash Browns
Thoroughly cook hash browns, put in bowl.

Step 4: Bacon

Picture of Bacon
Cook and cut bacon. Place on in bowl or plate.

Step 5: Flatten Biscuits

Picture of Flatten Biscuits
Flatten biscuits and put ingredients in the middle. Bake as directed P.S. the pic is just 2 of 8.

Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
:D you could try using bagels or English muffins
kupbill22 years ago
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bajablue2 years ago
Simple enough! Looks yummy, too!
dd12334442 years ago
Amazing! i made it for my boyfriend, who is very picky about breakfast, HE LOVED IT.
mistyp2 years ago
Great idea, thanks for the inspiration!