Breakfast Rolls




Introduction: Breakfast Rolls

My family love Jaffles but the contents often spill making them difficult to eat. Here's my solution.

Hollowed, filled bread rolls, toasted to perfection. Easy to eat and much less messy.

Step 1: Ingredients

2 Plain White Bread Rolls

Baked Beans


Scrambled Eggs

Margarine or Butter

Step 2: Prepare Rolls

Using a serrated knife, cut top from bread roll.

( 1/3 from the top )

Step 3: Remove the Bread

Score the roll 1cm from the edge of the base. Hollow out bread rolls making sure to leave a thick base.

(This bread could be used to make breadcrumbs!)

Step 4: Fillings

Choose your fillings and add to the roll.

(Make sure not to overfill. This can cause a mess while cooking)

Step 5: Prepare to Toast

Replace top of roll, upside down, as shown above. Butter well.

Step 6: Toast

Spread butter over base of toaster grill. Toast rolls until golden brown.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Allow to cool. Enjoy!



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