Breakfast Sandwitch





Introduction: Breakfast Sandwitch

I have been making this one for a long time.  People always think they are more complicated than they actually are.  I will explain and show the ingredients as I go. 

Step 1: Cook Egg

Cook egg for each sandwich.  Simple stuff.  Just pop the yolk or its a mess.

Step 2: Toast, Butter, & Suryp

While I cook eggs, I get this program going.  Lightly toast an Eggo, butter to taste, & lightly syrup.

Step 3: Sausage & Cheese

I use a pre-cooked sausage, add cheese, microwave to kill the frost, & melt cheese.

Step 4: Here's the Trick

Everything drops safe temperature as you get it all going.  The beauty of it is, the Eggos get hard while everything is made.  Slap them together, put on a plate together, & basically steam them in the microwave as you reach serving temperature once again.

Step 5: Serve

After I plate, I like to cut in half.  There is a lot going on here & it is possible, if the syrup is heavy, it has the potential to get messy.  Do serve with napkin.



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Geez, this looks yummy!

Thanks for sharing! Makes me hungry

What a nice twist to a homemade mcmuffin... less expensive and tastier, too!

YES, but NOT heart attack friendly!

The eggs are from my neighbor. You can almost see each chickens name, written in pencil, on each egg. I guess she tracks the egg count of each chicken. lol

OMG... there's almost nothing better than fresh eggs.

btw... EGGS ARE HEALTHY and the sausage is fattening. So what. ;-)