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Introduction: Breakfast Sandwitch

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I have been making this one for a long time.  People always think they are more complicated than they actually are.  I will explain and show the ingredients as I go. 

Step 1: Cook Egg

Cook egg for each sandwich.  Simple stuff.  Just pop the yolk or its a mess.

Step 2: Toast, Butter, & Suryp

While I cook eggs, I get this program going.  Lightly toast an Eggo, butter to taste, & lightly syrup.

Step 3: Sausage & Cheese

I use a pre-cooked sausage, add cheese, microwave to kill the frost, & melt cheese.

Step 4: Here's the Trick

Everything drops safe temperature as you get it all going.  The beauty of it is, the Eggos get hard while everything is made.  Slap them together, put on a plate together, & basically steam them in the microwave as you reach serving temperature once again.

Step 5: Serve

After I plate, I like to cut in half.  There is a lot going on here & it is possible, if the syrup is heavy, it has the potential to get messy.  Do serve with napkin.



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    Geez, this looks yummy!

    Thanks for sharing! Makes me hungry

    What a nice twist to a homemade mcmuffin... less expensive and tastier, too!

    3 replies

    YES, but NOT heart attack friendly!

    The eggs are from my neighbor. You can almost see each chickens name, written in pencil, on each egg. I guess she tracks the egg count of each chicken. lol

    OMG... there's almost nothing better than fresh eggs.

    btw... EGGS ARE HEALTHY and the sausage is fattening. So what. ;-)