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I love a breakfast smoothie because it is a good way to get fruits and vegetables into me first thing in the morning.  I then face the day only needing 2 more servings of vegetables.  YES!  Here is the breakfast smoothie I make for myself each morning.  You are free to change, rearrange, switch out, anything you want, after all, this smoothie is to make YOU happy.  Let’s go.

Step 1:

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Protein powder
Frozen Berries

Step 2:

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First, add 1 cup milk to your blender.  I use skim milk, you can substitute anything you want, you just need a liquid.

Step 3:

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Add 4-6 oz. yogurt.  I use plain yogurt, add whatever kind your little heart desires.

Step 4:

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One scoop protein powder; I use soy, sometimes I use whey powder.  Protein helps to prevent hunger until around noon.

Step 5:

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One big handful of fresh spinach; this adds all kinds of vitamins and minerals, although it does give the smoothie a funky color.

Step 6:

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One Banana; mine are approaching the over ripe stage, but they are blended, right, you don’t have to see the bruising, right. So in it goes.

Step 7:

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One cup frozen berries; your choice.  My favorites are black berries and Marion berries.  In they go.

Step 8:

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Blend, blend, blend, until you can’t tell what is what.

Step 9:

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Wow, this is about 24 oz. of blended goodness.  If you want, you may add a little sugar or honey, or Slenda, or Stevia, or whatever; without the sweetener, about 400 calories.
Hmmmmmmmm. Breakfast is served. Enjoy!


alisonb (author)2012-03-05

Mmmm smoothie!

kinderdm (author)2012-03-01

I have been thinking of making something like this my breakfast option. I have a large container of vanilla soy protein powder but don't really like the taste. Maybe the fruit would cover the vanilla enough that I can use that powder up. Also never would have though about putting spinach into it, will have to give that one a try. Thanks for the instructable.

craftknowitall (author)kinderdm2012-03-01

I don't like the soy protein stuff by itself either. The fruit does make it taste good, and the spinach, doesn't taste at all. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking.

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