Introduction: Breakfast Teddybears

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On a lazy sunday morning I made these irresistible little sleepy bears in rice and omelette blankets for breakfast and just as you could have guessed it the children gave out a shriek of excitement.

Add a lot of fun and laughter to the breakfast table.

Talent level: beginners

ingredient availability : leftovers or easily available stuff

satisfaction level: 200%

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

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A bowl of cooked rice

2slices of cheese

2 eggs

3Tbs ketchup

3garlic cloves finely choped

1/2tsp black sesame

2 black olives

salt and pepper

garnish: carrots, cucumbers, sausage etc


1 sharp knife

kitchen scissors

pastry cutter(zigzag)

1square piece plastic foil

Step 2: Preparing the Rice

Picture of Preparing the Rice

In a pan add a tsp oil.

Add the chopped garlic and roast.

Toss in the rice and ketchup and roast. Add in the salt and cracked pepper and cook a bit till the rice gets kind of sticky.

Pour out the prepared rice onto a plate and allow to cool.


Picture of OMELETTE

In the meanwhile crack 2 eggs in a bowl, toss in salt and pepper and beat.

Prepare a thin omelette in a flat pan. remove from the pan and keep aside.

Step 4: Forming the Body

Picture of Forming the Body

Onto the plastic sheet place a spoonful of rice. wrap the sheet around the rice and twist the plastic firmly ashore the rice to form a ball.

with your fingers shape the rice ball.

Make a larger elongated body.

An oval/squarish face.

2 smaller spheres for ears

2 logs for arms.

Cut the cheese slicewith the sharp knife or scissor into

2 smaller circles (paws)

and 2 larger semicircles(ears)

With the knife make thin slices-vertically of theblack olives. cut out small ovals for the eyes and 3tiny straight lines for the mouth.

Step 5: Arrange:

Picture of Arrange:

This the most fun part of the whole project.

Place it directly onto the breakfast plate.

cut out a square piece of cheese or omelette with the pastry cutter for the pillow.

Place the body piece below it and the head onto it.

Place the 2 ears in place.

Place the 2 arms next to the head.

Top the ears with semicircle cheese-the roundish muzzle on the face part(as in the picture)-and the circles on the arms for paws.

Arrange the black sesame seeds on the paws.

Arrange the cut out olive eyes and mouth on the muzzle.

OH MY GOD!!! the bear is looking back at me!!!!!!

Step 6:

Picture of

now put the bear to bed by placing a warm omlette blanket.

garnish the plate with little cut out cucumbers and carrots like a moon or stars or flowers....just let the ideas materialize onto this plate.

TADA.....those sheepish sleepy bears are ready to accompany you at breakfast.


Quack Tape Designs (author)2015-10-16

This is so cute! Great tutorial! By the way thanks for commenting on my holograph projector tutorial, btw you don't need a laser cutter, you just need an crafting knife :)


I shall try with a crafting knife. the last time i tried cutting hard plastic- it was very hard and looked shabby but i shall try again.

larry03052 (author)2015-09-15

Why does this remind me of the sandwich that Tom is always trying to make out of Jerry? The one where he doesn't kill him, first? Just spreads him with mustard...

Sunglowart (author)larry030522015-09-16

that is right, probably looks more like a mouse than a bear...ha hhaa

StevenG8 (author)2015-09-15

I'm not too convinced about your choice of breakfast foods ;>). But I love the idea, well done

Sunglowart (author)StevenG82015-09-16

Different people different choices......thanks anyway.

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