Picture of Breakfast Towel
I wanted a beach towel that folds away nicely in its own bag. Inspired by neat natural packaging, I turned to an egg shape for the bag. And as I had the shape, I decided to go with a breakfast theme for the entire project. An eggshell bag reveals a fried egg beach towel when cracked.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I bought all my materials at Ikea, but any shop that sells a decent array of towel colours would do. Towelling fabric turned out to be more expensive than ready made towels for the small quantities needed for this project.

1 medium cream or light brown towel (50cm x 100cm) for the shell

1 large white towel (100cm x 150cm) for the eggwhite
2 yellow washcloths (30cm x 30cm each) for the yolks

Sewing thread, I used cream for everything
1 white or cream zipper, 35cm

Step 2: Eggshell

Picture of Eggshell
Fold the cream towel in thirds, and draw an almond shape on the top third (like an oval with pointy ends).
Following this template, cut out three equal almond pieces (A, B and C). Towel fabric frays very easily, so it is best to seam the pieces with a zig-zag stitch all around.

myrrhmaid9 months ago

So crazy cute! I love this!

jskingry3 years ago
Cool towel, I am going to try a drawstring rather than zipper on some for boat towels, we will see how it turns out. You could also use a brown towel to make the case a football!
appifish3 years ago
Nice! and I can see them in all designs and colors for Easter :} Also, don't forget that some chickens lay blue/green eggs! You could even go with dinosaurs, birds, insects, fish... omgosh, the possibilities are eggless! So many critters come from eggs, yikes, even humans! Have fun!
gogglecrab4 years ago
i like this one a lot, I really want try to do it soon, 5 stars*
TangerineBadger (author)  gogglecrab4 years ago
Thanks, I'd love to see how it turns out :)
dhjshi4 years ago
Man, this is eggscellent. And...cue terrible egg puns.