I wanted a beach towel that folds away nicely in its own bag. Inspired by neat natural packaging, I turned to an egg shape for the bag. And as I had the shape, I decided to go with a breakfast theme for the entire project. An eggshell bag reveals a fried egg beach towel when cracked.

Step 1: Materials

I bought all my materials at Ikea, but any shop that sells a decent array of towel colours would do. Towelling fabric turned out to be more expensive than ready made towels for the small quantities needed for this project.

1 medium cream or light brown towel (50cm x 100cm) for the shell

1 large white towel (100cm x 150cm) for the eggwhite
2 yellow washcloths (30cm x 30cm each) for the yolks

Sewing thread, I used cream for everything
1 white or cream zipper, 35cm

<p>So crazy cute! I love this!</p>
Cool towel, I am going to try a drawstring rather than zipper on some for boat towels, we will see how it turns out. You could also use a brown towel to make the case a football!
Nice! and I can see them in all designs and colors for Easter :} Also, don't forget that some chickens lay blue/green eggs! You could even go with dinosaurs, birds, insects, fish... omgosh, the possibilities are eggless! So many critters come from eggs, yikes, even humans! Have fun!
i like this one a lot, I really want try to do it soon, 5 stars*
Thanks, I'd love to see how it turns out :)
Man, this is eggscellent. And...cue terrible egg puns.

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