Step 6: Variations

Fried honey ham on one side or both, 'glued' on by cheese (I like pepper jack, but you could use any kind you like)



I used to do the same thing with tortillas as a kid.
What do you do with the piece of bread you cut out?
I usually fry the hole with the rest of it then stick it on top of the finished egg-in-a-blanket like a hat.
Whatever you want to :D
poke a small hoke and put quail eggs?
I think that bread cutout might be a bit too small for those.
I think this would be great if you dipped the bread in a french toast batter first. double eggs!
Oh My God !&hellip;&hellip;<br>I'll take four of these right away and triple my gym this evening. Please !!!!!!&hellip;<br><br>:D<br>
Hobo Eggs!
I was using too small a glass to cut out the bread, and had trouble with the egg overflowing, so I just whisked it up and had an omelette version! Plus: you can add cheese, ham and tomato directly into it, rather than on top or halfway through the cooking process
You could also use a knife and cut a hole in it.
I also think the bread was too thin. BTW, what I meant when I said an omelette version solved it was that you could separate the mixture between two pieces of bread
They look good - I know what brunch will be next weekend.
:D Yay!
This was also cooked in the movie, V for Vendetta :)
Yes, that was my inspiration.
This is a lot like what i put on my breakfast sandwiches. Looks so good. If I didn't just eat dinner, I'd totally go make one right now.

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