Picture of Breaking Bad Pumpkins
For this year's Halloween I'd decided to do a set of pumpkins with images from AMC's Breaking Bad

So here's a set by set of how you set about carving Heisenberg and the Let's Cook pumpkins

Sorry for the jumble of pictures, I got arrived away and forgot to take as many as I could

As of the 27th October this Instructable has been featured. A huge thanks to all who have made this possible!
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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Picture of Gather Supplies
2013 14:19.jpg
Obviously you'll need a pumpkin (or three)
Also gather a spoon to hollow the pumpkin
A set of very sharp knives
Dress makers pins
Greyscale template
Music, tea and patience

If you want to save the seeds for next year, you'll also need a sieve to wash the seeds

Step 2: Gut The Pumpkin

Picture of Gut The Pumpkin
2013 14:19.jpg
2013 14:19.jpg
Just cut a circle out of the top or the pumpkin to get access to the inside, and start scooping out the guts

Save the seeds of you want to grow your own

Step 3: Get Your Greyscale Template

Picture of Get Your Greyscale Template
Start with a picture of the subject, I used a fan-art by Norbface of Walt.

Start by opening the image in an editing software. I use Paint.Net
Find the setting to convert the picture to Black and White.
Then find the setting for "Posterize" or similar. This separates the image into different shades of grey according to the depth that you should carve to alter the light intensity.

Feel free to use my greyscale if you want

Just print onto plain A4 paper

Step 4: Attach The Template ( What Not To Do )

Picture of Attach The Template ( What Not To Do )
I forgot from last year how I attached the template so I decided to wet the paper and stick it to the pumpkin.


The paper looses all structural integrity when wet and even sharp knives end of ripping it in the wrong ways

Step 5: Attach The Template ( Right Way )

Picture of Attach The Template ( Right Way )
Get the template and start anchoring it at certain point with dress makers pins.

This will keep the paper dry until you start cutting

Step 6: Trace Out The Outline

Picture of Trace Out The Outline
Start cutting along the lines that separate the different areas, and try not to let the pumpkin juices seep through the template

This will destroy the template, so either have a device with the picture or a second print out handy for reference
ksykes1 year ago
Nice job! I am glad I am not the only one who has stayed up carving pumpkins until 2 in the morning ;-)
Arghus1 year ago
oh man just incredible
clazman1 year ago

Granted you used a template ( I would use), but you still have an a talent!! Wow!

You've got my vote!
Brilliant, and voted for pumpikin contest good luck.
thomas9666 (author)  blanthegenius1 year ago
Thanks, I kinda hope it wins but to be honest I don't know what else is out there
jwu19811 year ago
that's cool
thomas9666 (author)  jwu19811 year ago
BHub1 year ago
Most excellent!
thomas9666 (author)  BHub1 year ago
Many thanks
NomTrat1 year ago
thomas9666 (author)  NomTrat1 year ago
clewis211 year ago
Nicely done!
thomas9666 (author)  clewis211 year ago
Cheers :)
MicioGatta1 year ago
thomas9666 (author)  MicioGatta1 year ago

I love the photo
gibbzz1 year ago
That is great. I'd love to see the other characters you manage to do.
thomas9666 (author)  gibbzz1 year ago
Many thanks :D I have Jesse lined up for this year but no more Breaking Bad characters sadly, I won't have enough time to carve as many detailed pumpkins... Maybe next year when I'll have more enthusiastic friends :D

But I should be doing a dragon one and take some pics with rocket candy smoking away inside and a Disney one for my sister