For this year's Halloween I'd decided to do a set of pumpkins with images from AMC's Breaking Bad

So here's a set by set of how you set about carving Heisenberg and the Let's Cook pumpkins

Sorry for the jumble of pictures, I got arrived away and forgot to take as many as I could

As of the 27th October this Instructable has been featured. A huge thanks to all who have made this possible!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Obviously you'll need a pumpkin (or three)
Also gather a spoon to hollow the pumpkin
A set of very sharp knives
Dress makers pins
Greyscale template
Music, tea and patience

If you want to save the seeds for next year, you'll also need a sieve to wash the seeds
<p>you are really good at this where did you learn to carve pumpkins like it?</p>
just picked up a knife and carved a slender man pumpkin then wondered what else I could do. churned out a few toy story ones for my little sister then tried this the year after. looking for idea for this year though
Nice job! I am glad I am not the only one who has stayed up carving pumpkins until 2 in the morning ;-)
oh man just incredible
O-U-T-S-T-A-N-D-I-N-G-!-! <br> <br>Granted you used a template ( I would use), but you still have an a talent!! Wow! <br> <br>You've got my vote!
Brilliant, and voted for pumpikin contest good luck.
Thanks, I kinda hope it wins but to be honest I don't know what else is out there
that's cool
Most excellent!
Many thanks
Nicely done!
Cheers :)
Thanks! <br> <br>I love the photo
That is great. I'd love to see the other characters you manage to do.
Many thanks :D I have Jesse lined up for this year but no more Breaking Bad characters sadly, I won't have enough time to carve as many detailed pumpkins... Maybe next year when I'll have more enthusiastic friends :D <br> <br>But I should be doing a dragon one and take some pics with rocket candy smoking away inside and a Disney one for my sister

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