In the first video I will show you a trick to break the bottom out of bottles using your Bare Hands! This is quite simple to do and a cool Trick to show your friends.

In the second video I demonstrate the differences between Compression ratio of Water Vs. Air, using Some glass Bottles and some Normal Fireworks, and what a Result. I do NOT recommend trying that one at home.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy. And Please remember to like the video if you do.


<p>Screen grab from the second video</p>
<p> Looks Awsome!!</p>
we love you!!!
<p> XD You don't seem half bad yourself :D</p>
i was referring to your experiments, great to see people enjoying exploration so much.
<p> Thank you! I am also glad that people enjoy it, and I'm more glad people like you take the time to comment. Thank you very Much!</p>
<p>Very cool as always!</p>