In the first video I will show you a trick to break the bottom out of bottles using your Bare Hands! This is quite simple to do and a cool Trick to show your friends.

In the second video I demonstrate the differences between Compression ratio of Water Vs. Air, using Some glass Bottles and some Normal Fireworks, and what a Result. I do NOT recommend trying that one at home.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy. And Please remember to like the video if you do.


mfiveaa1 year ago

Screen grab from the second video

TrollFaceTheMan (author)  mfiveaa7 months ago

Looks Awsome!!

pieterg1 year ago
we love you!!!
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  pieterg1 year ago

XD You don't seem half bad yourself :D

pieterg1 year ago
i was referring to your experiments, great to see people enjoying exploration so much.
TrollFaceTheMan (author)  pieterg1 year ago

Thank you! I am also glad that people enjoy it, and I'm more glad people like you take the time to comment. Thank you very Much!

Very cool as always!