Picture of Breast Mouse
Think about breasts. Think warmth, joy, and happy memories.
The human breast is the first thing a person goes looking for when they are born.
Breasts provide everything the baby needs: food, comfort, and warmth.
Unlike many things in this world, breasts are not sharp and will not put your eye out.
Is it any wonder human beings like breasts so much?

By contrast, your average computer mouse is just not that great.
But what if you could make this "human interface device" much more human...

Step 1: Get Some Artificial Breasts

Picture of Get Some Artificial Breasts
The various shopping search sites all have them. I got these on ebay.
You can get them individually, but that seemed wrong. So I ordered a pair.

The box says:
Finally a fuller figure that feels
and looks as natural as
your own breasts.
One size fits all."

They look a bit odd. Sort of a very thin plastic bag containing a soft heavy breast-shaped rubber thing. I don't think the plastic is intended to be removed. The syntho-ectoplasm inside is probably more toxic than "happy fun ball". The nipple is the same color as the rest of the unit.

But they feel a whole lot more natural "than my own breasts", which are a pair of manly pects.
After they've warmed up it's kind of spooky.

Notice the example of cleavage on the package. It appears to have been drawn with a pencil. These must have been manufactured in a country where real cleavage is absent or illegal.

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ilpug3 years ago
Okay, so you are weird. Not a bad thing. So am I. keep up the good work.
freeza363 years ago
5STARGBLOOD4 years ago
wat brand r those
ANDY!5 years ago
SilverVixen5 years ago
How would you use the scroll-wheel once the "breast" is in place? Or do you just have to do it the old fashioned way and use the bar on the side of the window? :p
mikee83045 years ago
i have the same laptop
BoeroBoy6 years ago
I think this project should be swapped with Star's hand shifter knob. :-)
what a way to get fired i once thought if i think about breast to long the government will confiscate my mind for "classified uses"
RC-07206 years ago
you, laddie, are someone who I probably will have to keep an eye on. I'll be watching you...
tim, i have 3 simple words for you... you. are. weird!
crapflinger6 years ago
.....the nipple is weird...i think your boobie has a melanoma
I would just like to say for the record that not all nipples are pink. ;)
Good to know...... Why did we have to know that?
Just like people.
Really? ;}
of course their not...but most aren't crunchy looking....could just be the picture...but the one on that fake boob looks like it's got burnt cornflakes on it
looks like a yarmulkah
That is exactly what i though! =P
pls6 years ago
Very, uhh, Unique!
lol I want one! haha
wow, you have way too much time on your hands....

but nice instructable... yumm...
applestone6 years ago
what is most amazing about this instructable is that you are putting the breast over that same hacked up mouse that you bought in '04
lennyb6 years ago
lol this is funny. i bet breast mouse was a second choice for names.
family website. but it starts with t and ends with it too.
*snickers* lol
Hoopajoo lennyb6 years ago
LOL! Too funny. What's hillarous is that a t*tmouse isn't even a mouse at all:

The Wikipedia listing
bustedit6 years ago
i did a similar thing to a joystick, once...similar but different. too distracting to get any work done.
keydogstony6 years ago
You can buy these on eBay.
TimAnderson (author)  keydogstony6 years ago
That's where I got this pair. I found some in a parking lot once. It took a while to figure out what they were. That's how I found out they existed.
I found some in a parking lot once.
I bet there is a fascinating story behind that!
I actually saw a Boob Mouse on eBay already made. But I can't find it now. All I see are Boob Mouse pads. Wonder where they went. They looked just like this.
jakee1176 years ago
Doctor What6 years ago
Sweet! You might want to mention the "squishy breast" instructable on here. It shows how to make your own breasts, if you are a woman. If not, either your girlfriends.... or your mothers... bwa ha ha
codongolev6 years ago
Yes, but MY kind of sick! Hey , Tim! In that last picture we can see just what you have on YOUR mind.
PKM Hoopajoo6 years ago
we can see just what you have on YOUR mind.

Can I formally request a photo of the backlit breast mouse in the dark?
I don't want to know what you did to the little mouse-joystick thing in the middle of your laptop keyboard...
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