Breath of the Wild Link Papercraft (with Papercrafting Tips)

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Introduction: Breath of the Wild Link Papercraft (with Papercrafting Tips)

i am just like the legend of zelda and papercraft , so i would like to share my template and papercraft tips, and hope it usefull

Step 1: Print Your Template and Follow the Tutorial

link papercraft template and tutorial pdf

or visit this link:

Step 2: Tips

when you try to make a papercraft you will encounter many problem, like gluing or folding

  • use duct tape to make you easier when gluing or your glue can't make it stay there (use it inside the papercraft)
  • use toothpick to reach some part (for gluing too)
  • remember to fold before glue
  • dont stuck with one part, after you gluing one part, use your waiting time to glue or cut another part
  • remember you can also make your own way without tutorial

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This is excellent. Thank you very much for sharing your talent. My daughter will be making this to add to her collection.

im happy to know that there are other people who like papercraft :)

At this link you will find lots of people with their contact info who like paper crafting also.  Even if you are not into Pokemon, its worth a visit.

Happy folding.

Ila in Maine