Breath Smeller





Introduction: Breath Smeller

This is my update of the original "Personal-breath-smeller". This one has pictures. These are the materials that you'll need:

Step 1: What to Do If Your Straw Is Bendy

If your straw is a bendy straw, simply cut off the bendy part.

Step 2: Cut Your Straw in Half.

Cut your straw in half.

Step 3: First Half

Take your first half. Cut a 45-degree angle off of one of the tips.

Step 4: Second Half

Take the second half. Cut an oval on the side about 2-thirds of the way down.

Step 5: Tape

Tape the 45-degree angle to the oval so that it is all a big tube.

Step 6: Tape 2

Tape the tip of your tube shut.

Step 7: Trim

Trim about 1 centimeter (1/2 inch) off of the top tube.

Step 8: How to Use

Blow into the bottom tube. If you made it right, you should feel your breath going up your nose. Sniff as soon as you stop blowing. YOU CAN SMELL YOUR OWN BREATH!!!



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    oh, I thought that was you.

    the whole smell your own breath thing seems entriely dubious, one sure fire way is to lick the back of your hand, if it smells bad so does your breath

    thats still not possible. if you smell anything when you cup your hand over your mouth and nose and smell something...... the smell is coming from a different source...... say, the hand you just shoved up to your nose

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    In correction to my last post.... I believe it is the moisture particles carried with your breath, that hit your hands whilst cupped. These particles also carry bacteria and all the smelly stuff they have been feeding on... Hence the bad breath... Can I ask why have people been cupping their hand over their face to check their breath for hundreds of years, probably alot more...? Oh by the way...My hands have just been washed in anti-bacteria soap... And due to not having brushed my teeth yet this morning.. -Cup method used- Results: My breath is not so very nice... My girlfriend seconds my assesment...

    your phsyching yourself out....... I can wake up in the am and smell my breath in my hand and say its bad automatically assume its bad in the am and your probably right. try in the middle of the day. and really try and get a smell of it...... brush your teeth one day and try it in the middle of the day...... don't brush your teeth the next and again try it in the middle of the day........ it'll smell the same to you both days

    in answer to your other question.....why people continue to do this........ because people are stubborn. It seems logical that that would work...... so people continue to do it because it seems logical. Its a difficult concept for people that it does not work at all...... anything you smell that is off or bad is either a burp, instant breath change (which is often a bad sign) or an external source......... or its just your mind tricking you.

    I should also can smell your breath when its minty fresh....... but thats only because you just instantly changed your smell........ with an external souce.......gum/mouth wash/ toothpaste and so on

    Ok then according to you then, if i continue to keep the mint or toothpaste in my mouth for a long time, i will not be able to smell it because i should get used to it... WHATS THIS?!?!?! I can still smell it... must be my hands, *puts some tomato sauce on hands* *cups around mouth* Im still smelling mint. Is there something wrong with your assumption?

    dude.... its an external source...... the way your breath smells......... thats you...... when you breath is ok .... it really has no smell ...... or minimal smell........ when your breath smells bad........ it smells bad PRETTY MUCH (I capitolize so people don't think I'm saying exactly the same) the same way every time (verying degrees of intensity) its the same way with your poo....... it smells in generally a way your used to smelling it (not the same way every time, but its odd to smell a new flavor of poo....... like FOR EXAMPLE say you have 4 different poo smells........ everytime you poo it smells like one of the 4 ways....... (I just used 4 as an example number)....... so ts not gross to you........ you've smelled it before, your used to it................ your used to the way your breath smells.......... you don't know if its bad........... you can pop thinks in your mouth all day long and smell it with your nifty straw tool........ but you put a mint in your mouth your breath is gonna smell like mint.......I'm saying........ you cannot detect you natural breath oder its not that difficult to understand

    for a further example.......... hold that toothpaste in your mouth from the day your born........ then come tell me if you notice the smell from it 15 or whatever years later

    for another example........... everyone has that friend who's house smells different then yours.......... go stay with them for like a couple weeks. when you go back to your'll be your house that smells different

    C'mon C'mon!!!!
    comment again!!!...
    Sorry I didn't realise we were still on the topic.....

    Believe me I understand your point of view.....
    Your breath being your breath has certain aroma's to it, that are not generally detectable...
    Your breath carry's with it aroma's produced in your mouth...
    And the human body does not waste it's time interpreting smells it relates to itself....

    So.... Ever had a piece of meat get stuck in your teeth and not notice till the next morning?
    Did it go a bit rank overnight?
    Theorectically does IT have an aroma? Yes... Rotting meat smell....

    Add an absess to the senario and you have rotting meat and rotting tooth...
    = smelly situation..... But what smells, the meat or the tooth it's stuck in and decomposing??

    You seem to be hinging your argument on adding things to your mouth such as mint or other external stimulus being the culpret.... Yet what is the definition of bad breath???
    Generaly speaking it is the odour that is carried on the breath....
    So therefore all the micro-organisims in your mouth ... breaking down the meat and junk that get's stuck in your teeth...
    This process is NOT instantanious as you suggest is the only way of smelly somethig different....

    When can smell rotting material, so therefore we can also detects aroma's on your own breath....
    By the way YOUR breath is not always the same.....In fact technically speaking it is NEVER the same due to us never or VERY rarely eating the same diet.... exactly day after day...

    I agree it is not something that the brain activley analyses on a constant basis for change....

    Odours are from external sources...generally.... wether it's a mint just popped in your month or bacteria dissolving all their caught goodies..
    You can smell this!!!!

    Your argument doesn't make sense.... And is flawed at it's most basic level.....
    Go smell your breath some more....

    Can you honestly say you have NEVER in your life caught a whiff of your own breath and thought.... I should go clean my teeth? Maybe you should see a doctor or something... I'm just getting a bit concerned that there may be other issue's that have not been resolved here... Do you suffer from allergies etc..?

    Thanks for backing me up with the breath-smelling instructable :)

    it is easy, but why do it in the first place lol?

    I do it my pushing air out my mouth with my tongue while sniffing. It's totally dorky looking, but it works. The trick is in the face you make. Also, try flossing. You'll surely smell what others have been smelling if you don't.

    It is not possible to smell your own breath. your mouth is so close/connected to your smell receptors that you are used to the smell and can't tell if its bad. the only time this changes is if your breath changes instantly (due to illness.....say, diabetic shock) or like if you burp up lunch.

    This makes me giggle/wonder how my breath smells...