Picture of Breath smeller
This is my update of the original "Personal-breath-smeller". This one has pictures. These are the materials that you'll need:
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Step 1: What to do if your straw is bendy

If your straw is a bendy straw, simply cut off the bendy part.

Step 2: Cut your straw in half.

Picture of Cut your straw in half.
Cut your straw in half.

Step 3: First Half

Picture of First Half
Take your first half. Cut a 45-degree angle off of one of the tips.

Step 4: Second Half

Picture of Second Half
Take the second half. Cut an oval on the side about 2-thirds of the way down.

Step 5: Tape

Picture of Tape
Tape the 45-degree angle to the oval so that it is all a big tube.

Step 6: Tape 2

Picture of Tape 2
Tape the tip of your tube shut.

Step 7: Trim

Picture of Trim
Trim about 1 centimeter (1/2 inch) off of the top tube.

Step 8: How to use

Picture of How to use
Blow into the bottom tube. If you made it right, you should feel your breath going up your nose. Sniff as soon as you stop blowing. YOU CAN SMELL YOUR OWN BREATH!!!
maharg206 years ago
oh, I thought that was you.
neubaten7 years ago
the whole smell your own breath thing seems entriely dubious, one sure fire way is to lick the back of your hand, if it smells bad so does your breath
Fluid-Fire7 years ago
it is easy, but why do it in the first place lol?
dentsinger7 years ago
I do it my pushing air out my mouth with my tongue while sniffing. It's totally dorky looking, but it works. The trick is in the face you make. Also, try flossing. You'll surely smell what others have been smelling if you don't.
It is not possible to smell your own breath. your mouth is so close/connected to your smell receptors that you are used to the smell and can't tell if its bad. the only time this changes is if your breath changes instantly (due to illness.....say, diabetic shock) or like if you burp up lunch.
GreenDay7 years ago
This makes me giggle/wonder how my breath smells...