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Introduction: Easy Fire Breathing

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Fire breathing is awesome, but it can be super-dangerous. However, with a few household ingredients, you can safely do it yourself!

You'll need:
-A torch
-Lighter fluid

How it works:
A mass of corn starch will not easily burn (try it), but when you disperse the starch into a fine powder you can ignite it as a fuel. Starch, like sugar or flour, is a carbohydrate and can be burned. In fact, the dust burns instantly. If you've heard of a grain elevator explosion, this is the most common cause. (quoted from about.com)



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    Hey chickpea, you should try my method using Canola Oil, just as safe but with a bigger fireball :D

    2 replies

    Yeah, I saw that. Great idea, and well-done video! My film editing sucks :P

    Don't feel bad... At 100 videos I am still hitting roadblocks in editing... It can be pretty tricky at times... Also thanks :D