video Breathing and Singing
Breathing and singing definitely go hand in hand, but to not all singers have a full grasp on the process of breathing. So in this video, Vocal Coach Ken Taylor describes why we breathe form our diaphragm, how to breathe properly, and provides insight on a few things that singers often do wrong when it comes to breathing and singing. Enjoy!
SKlomrod3 months ago

The most efficient way to put all of these techniques to great use is to locate a vocal coach who can both encourage growth, and monitor progress. A great coach ought to be patient, but also objective oriented and have a concise game plan for each and every lesson. Naturally you'll find vocal coaches who are much more attuned to certain styles of music than others, and locating a coach who suits a certain genre, or musical direction, is of some significance. The most beneficial method to seek out a good coach is generally word of mouth. Go to the local music stores, and colleges in the region, and ask for recommendations. Above all, if at very first it doesn't appear to be working out with a particular coach don't be afraid to keep searching for a much more perfect teacher. Probably the most counter productive factor an individual can do is continue to work in a uncomfortable environment.

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