Picture of Breathing fire
 for my instructables I am doing breathing fire. Make sure you are safe:)
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Picture of MATERIALS
The simple materials for breathing fire are 1. corn starch
                                                                             2.news paper 
                                                                             3.a lighter or matches
                                                                             4.a spoon

Step 2: SET UP

Picture of SET UP
Take a spoon full of corn starch and put in on  your tongue do not swallow and close your mouth. this may feel weird but it is perfectly  fine

Step 3: STEPS

Picture of STEPS
Now roll up the news paper roll and hold it.


Now take the lighter or match and light the top of the news paper 


Finally put the news paper up in front of your mouth and blow!

Step 6:

This is what it should look like when you are finished

I'm sorry, i'm an 11 year fire breathing veteran. This is not a safe way to do it. I have a group, Brotherhood Of The Flame, and we teach the proper way to firebreath. First rule is always have a safety watching at all times, second is do not try this without a professional around. thirdly use a fire rod.. not newspaper. a Coat hanger with a thick 1inch ball of cotton on the end tied securely with Kevlar thread is at the least what you should be using. Please do not try this at home unsupervised. Us actual firebreathers have a hard enough time trying to show people its not dangerous, having something like this kinda makes it hard on us..
Here here! These posts are breaking my heart. Especially the ones that suggest the wrong fuels for breathing! I do hope that people are not relying only on instruction from a site. But this very well could be Darwinism in action. I wish people would understand that fire performance is a skill and not a trick.
jcksparr0w3 years ago
I agree with crim, this is a dumb way to do it. Please go learn how to do it and then teach others the way to do it properly. This is asking to have your mouth burnt.
armor-guy3 years ago
i believe powdered sugar will also work although it might dissolve in your mouth
thermite works too... if your mouth is 9000 deggree proof
Hippymike963 years ago
How do you not get burnt?