This is my breech loaded airsoft blowgun. I put it together in about 15-20 mins, so be expecting updates in the near future(later today).
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Step 1: Materials

This is what you need(Duh)

1.)Pen barell(airsoft barell for over achievers)
2.)Highlighter cap that fits snugly around pen barell
3.)Leatherman, Multi-tool, whatever you want to call it
4.)Electrical tape(any kind will work, as long as it is about a half inch wide)
5.)Airsoft BB's
6.)Mp3 player(i used mine for lighting and a stand for the vid)

Step 2: Cut highlighter cap

Cut the cap about a half-inch from the open end.
I made this before the instructable, so i used a stunt double.

Step 3: Make loading hole

Drill or bore a hole into the side of the pen barell, anything that will make a hole big enough for a BB to fit through.

Step 4: Add breech

Tape up one end of the tube so the breech won't slide off and slip the breech on to the tube from the other end. on the un-taped side, crimp the barell A VERY SMALL AMOUNT, otherwise you'll break it like i did, only crimp it enough to stop the breech from coming off and so a bb can't roll back into your mouth.

Step 5: Celebrate!

Yay! You're done! Now all you have to do is put a BB in the hole and slide the breech over it then blow!
Here's the vid.

i just use the twisty rod from window blinds, cut off the tips, and load a handfull in my mouth. it has really good range too. good idea though
lupinesoul6 years ago
There's a problem. What if you need to fire 91-269 degrees when up is 0 or 360 (for the simple-minded, down). The pellet just rolls out of the barrel.
H3xx lupinesoul5 years ago
First of all, I know this is an old post but i have an answer. simply use steel bbs, and attach a magnet to the barrel (assuming your adding a breach to an altoids blowgun, inside the container, on the opposite side of the ammo.) make sure the magnet is strong enough to hold a bb through the barrel, but weak enough to be able to blow it loose. the latter shouldn't be difficult if the barrel is snug enough around the bb. I'm sure I don't have to say this, but using steel bbs makes this setup much more dangerous, and should never be fired at a person (or pet). This would be great for keeping stray animals out of the yard, or hunting pigeons! :)
joemonkey8 years ago
that's pretty cool, but it looks like the pump action blowgun that i looked at.=|
what pump action blowgun?
bigpinecone (author)  joemonkey8 years ago
lol, today's a new day so i'll make some stuff for it so maybe it might have a mag or sumtin how was the vid?
dude, i just load them into my mouth and machine gun them out
avwos6 years ago
WOW! so original.
bowhunter086 years ago
if you get a old broken carbon arrow you can shoot bb tourght it
jakee1177 years ago
u can make an airsoft blowgun by just using an old airsoft barrel, i used to have a spring m16, broken so we used leftover parts i would say w/ that barrel about 180fps... not that high probably lower but it still stings... last resort weapon...hehe
twenglish17 years ago
you could probably try one of the pencil grips to cover the breech hole
Johawk7 years ago
lol this works much better then I thought it would. I simply took the barrel from my old AEG and covered the hole on the top with a peice of highlighter cap, stuck a BB into the end, aimed at my knee, blew as hard as I could, and my knee nearly turned purple.
tbj08207 years ago
you can mack a mag out of a bic pen and put in hole
ah ha now I understand!