Introduction: Breeder Pond for Pregnant Molly

If there's a lot of Fish in your community tank \ pond your pregnant Fish may feel stressed.

Remove her when you see the Gravid spot.

We must make a separate tank for them to give birth (Live-bearers)

They must be left alone till they give birth.

Once they're done giving birth, take them out of the breeder before they eat the Fry.

Step 1: Things Required

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  • Plastic drum/can (2-3 gallon)
  • some aquatic plants.
  • rocks/stones for hiding spots.
  • knife

Step 2: Setup

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After cutting the tank to a particular size,

Decorate the tank with the items you have.

Add more hiding spots in the tank.

Also try to add colorful stones.

After Decorating the tank, Leave the molly into the breeder.

Step 3: Fish Care

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After a day or two your Molly would have given Birth.

hence make sure all the fry have completely come out of the womb.

once it's clear, remove the mother molly to avoid her gulping the fry.

And now feed your fry.

feed them at least 4 times a day.

change 10% of water every 2 days.

My Molly gave birth to over 50 fry at one time.

Thank you for Reading! :)


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