Bren Gun Carrier





Introduction: Bren Gun Carrier

This is a working full size model of a bren gun carrier.



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    Did you make a full step-by-step instructable? Very cool!

    I am afraid i just took a few pics as i went along..I had a big problem with the tracks trying to come off when i turned and this is finally being sorted out after all these years.It has been parked up since it was finished.

    50 cal added and desert rat logo.

    If you need any fine-tuning help, Give this guy's videos a watching, and maybe an e-mail.

    I'm sure he'd be excited to see your work.

    Looks like it will be great fun driving around the neighborhood... at least BEFORE you attach the full size machine gun.

    i was a tanker the army, in the 80's, and this is just too cool! i was on a m60a3. i can't afford one of those, but this, mebbe. what did you use for the tracks? i was thinking about something like this using torsion arm axles to make a modified christy suspension.

    The tracks are industrial chain with a 5" pitch and a plate 8" by 4" was welded over each link using an angle iron bracket on each side.The gears are sheet metal spaced 5/8" apart, cut to match the chain.

    this is amazing! i just wish i had one of these... :(

    Cammo paint and awaiting finishing touches.

    If anyone is interested in building one of these i will take more close up pics and do an assembley write up.